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Melanotaenia praecox
Neon Rainbowfish

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Photo Credit: Leinster Fernandes

These fish are one of the most fascinating. At first I had bought 10 of them for a 200 L heavily planted tank, but could not help adding another 20. Now I have a school of 30. All are doing pretty well. I keep them at a temperature of 27C, pH 6.5 to 7.0. Active fish and a pleasant sight. If you see a group of them, do buy a minimum of 6 as they do well in schools.

Contributed by Leinster Fernandes

These little fish are a real joy to have. We have had them for about 2-2.5 years. There are 7 all together. I had them in a 115 L tank with guppies and a Violet Goby. Moved them to a 200 L tank with 1 Knifefish, 1 Ram and 1 Dojo. They are very happy...so happy that they spawned and now we have 6 fry. I noticed them spawning again this morning...I have NO idea how many fry they may have had...that were possibly eaten. I hope they don't have too many more...I'll need a bigger tank! LOL

Contributed by Barb Domino

I have 6 neons in a 150 L tank - 2 males and 4 females with a single angel and corys. They are a great shoaling fish most of the time. The males are always flashing their fins at one another. I've seen them breed a couple of times, the male chases the female into a planted are,a then they cycle each other. I've never had fry as the eggs are eaten straight away. To keep the eggs, the rainbows should be removed to a breeding tank and kept well fed, then they should leave the eggs and fry alone, or remove the parents after lying.

Contributed by Karl Sheehan

I've kept five (3 females, 2 males) of these great looking fish in my 200 L planted tank for a few months now. I can't wait to add two more, when they become available. I have found that these fish are very hardy, even surviving a recent disaster, where my tank water reached 36C (heater broke and wouldn't shut off). They are a bunch of clowns, chasing each other around or following my Corys in search of food. They are a great schooling fish for any community tank!

Contributed by John Sciacca

These are great community fish and are very active and colourful. I have two males and they are very funny to watch. They seem to compete in the way they fluff up their fins and swim around in circles leaning in to each other. I highly recommend these great fish!

Contributed by Alex Ortwein

I have four young Neon Rainbows, 3 male 1 female. The water is pH 6.6, soft with 10 ppm nitrate. The largest male is displaying to the aloof female and keeping the other males away from her. His spurned attempts at love-making are very funny, she doesn't want to know (unless she's playing hard-to-get). No matter how hard he pesters, she just turns and carries on about her business. I'm sure the tank will soon be 'blessed' with a sprinkling of fish eggs. They are a lovely fish, almost the stars of the tank. They are great community fish, and not at all hard to care for.

Contributed by Chris Chapman

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