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Colisa lalia
Cobalt (Powder) Blue Gourami

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Photos & Comments

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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

I've got one male powder blue gourami with a dwarf gourami who looks the same, but has more red mixed in (looks just like the one in the dwarf gourami page of this Gallery). When I first got them the dwarf picked on the powder blue for the first 2-3 months. Nothing really violent or damaging, just pushed him around. For the past 4 months they have lived harmoniously. They are a lot of fun to watch, and get along will with my 3 black phantom tetras and 1 cory.

Contributed by Andy

I added my gourami to my 40 L tank. He gets along great with the Chinese high fin and tetras I have in my tank. But the strange thing is that he acts as a bottom feeder, eating the algae discs I put in the tank and that's all I ever see him eat. He's a great, beautiful fish to add to any tank.

Contributed by Kevin Turf

Tenho um casal dessa espécie maravilhosa no meu comunitário junto com guppys, tricopsis pigmeus e limpa vidros. São extremamente pacíficas em relação a outras espécies, mas a minha fêmea adora dar umas carreiras no macho. São comilonas, alimento-as com Tetra Min e Tetra Color e adaptaram-se super bem em pH 7.2. Recomendo a qualquer um que esteja a fim de dar um colorido especial no seu aqua.

Contributed by Gabriel Freire

I have a pair of blue neon dwarf male gouramis who get along with their tankmates of fancy guppies, corys, and a few neon tetras. There's a ghost shrimp and a golden snail in there, too. Neither one of my dwarfs have made bubble nests. Neither one are hiders, either. They like cruising around the tank, seeing what's going on. This is the first time since I got the gouramis that my guppies have had fry in the open tank, so I've increased the feedings to several small pinches of flakes daily instead of two moderate pinches. Also keep cucumber in there 24/7 so hopefully nobody will be so hungry that they want to give chase to the fry. The gouramis like to bicker with each other, but never enough to do any damage. They're what I'd call suprisingly respectful of all the other fish, I've seen them take evasive action around other clusters of fish while they're chasing each other, and I've noticed that when they're approaching a plant or the surface and guppies or tetras are there first, the gourami will slow down as if to not frighten them. It's crazy. When I tap on the glass to scold at them for bickering, they both turn around and look at me. Am I imagining this?

Contributed by Dulcinea Moon

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