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Colisa lalia
Cobalt (Powder) Blue Gourami

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Colisa_lalia_3.jpg (13kb)
Photo Credit: Savio Castro

Name: Colisa lalia var.
Origin: Domestic

Size Tank pH Temp
6 cm 80 L 6.8 28°C


My experience may have been a one-off affair. I have a community 46 gallon tank with mostly tetras and danios. Having found a breeder's quality male Powder Blue, I introduced him to the tank. About 5-6 days later he had managed to overpower most of the tank and reduce the rest of the fish to cowering in the corner. My understanding is that occasionally one will be agressive. Most often they are a wonderful, peaceful addition to most community tanks.

Contributed by Andrew Watson

I bought 2 powder blue gouramis for a new community tank. They are beautiful, and very hardy. They are not "peaceful", but seem to fight only with each other. The other fish (fancy guppy, neon, gold tetra, sm. angelfish, catfish) are not afraid of them, and appear to act normally. I think I have a male and female, and the female is always chasing the male, but their displays are interesting to watch. They eat almost anything, and lots of it. I recently noticed one of my plants (aponogeton ulvaceus) had several leaves nibbled on, but I started feeding them spirulina flakes and have noticed no more damage. The girl in the pet store told me that this variety does fight a lot. This is my first experience with gouramies.

Contributed by Candy

I bought a pair of these (in fact, they were sold as Dwarf Gouramies) one month ago. As I'm quite new and unexperienced in this area, I was sure that this was a "normal" Dwarf. They look exactly as the pair on the photo. After just a few weeks they produced a bubble-nest, and soon the first eggs were laid. They are really beautiful when they play. The male gets really dark blue (ink colour). It seems like a "leak" from his mouth and unwards to his bottom fin. They wrap each other, and the eggs are splashed out, just under the nest. The first time I was not aware of the eggs, so the babies were there, in the middle of the main tank. Now they are moved to a small breeding tank, placed inside the big one. They are really tiny, less than 1 mm at the start. So far I've used mashed TetraMin to feed the babies. The parents get red Artemia and normal TetraMin.

Contributed by Bjørn Johannesen

A beautiful dark powder blue addition to my new tank. She is the second largest fish but yet gets picked on by everyone! Very peaceful, not a top or a bottom fish, she gets all around. Will probably add another soon, hopefully this will not spark any controversy in the community!

Contributed by J. Ross

I just set up a new tank one week ago. And among my new fish are several Cobalt Blue Gouramies. They seem to be very peaceful and one of them tends to enjoy exploring away from the other fish in the tank. They are my favorite fish because of their beauty and playfulness. One down side to these fish is there aggressiveness when eating, but overall they are great fish for any aquarium.

Contributed by (no name given)

I had a pair of males. Gorgeous. But the dominant male built a bubble nest and tried to mate with the less dominant male. When this did not work, he just terrorized the other, barely letting him out to eat. I gave the more dominant male away, and kept the weaker one in a 24 liter Eclipse. He rallied, and killed several small tankmates - small cories; algae eaters; female bettas (each added when the previous one "met with unfortunate circumstances"). I've seen the gourami strike, so I know he killed them. Fortuitously, he gets along famously with 4 cardinals. They must be too fast for him. At any rate, they look great together.

Contributed by Ellen Katcher

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