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Cichlasoma portalegrense
Port Acara

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Photos & Comments

Cichlasoma_portalegrense_2.jpg (24kb)
Photo Credit: Flávio Mesquita

Name: Cichlasoma portalegrense
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Southern Brazil
15 cm 100 L 7.0 23°C


Purchased a Port or Black Acara from a pet store years ago, it was only 3 cm long but was aggressive and hardy, surviving in a large tank with convicts and severums. He grew quickly and eventually I gave him to a friend and he lives there happily today with giant oscars and other large cichlids. He is about 20 cm long and looks just like the picture.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have one of these. My Texas Cichlid and it have divided my 200 L in half. It lives quite happily with an assortment of firemouths, convicts, the texas and one large severum. However it is quite territorial.

Contributed by Jodi Forhan

My port acara was rescued from an abusive tank and is still a bit timid after a year. She is territorial, but seems to chase my pleco and my orange cichlid around for fun. It is interesting to note her moods. She changes to an almost completely black color when agitated and will uproot live or artificial plants at will. Also, she has done extensive remodeling within her cave set up, by removing the medium sized stone bedding.

Contributed by a visitor

I bought Port Acara at about 5 cm. He is by far my favorite fish. He lives happily with a Dempsey, a Firemouth and 2 Pictus Catfish. He is the boss of the tank now. Over the last 4 months he has grown quite a bit. When I see his species in stores, they are always very dark and plain. My Acara is fairly light skinned like you see in the above picture, yet his fins are red most of the time, with an incandescent blue about his scales and the base of all his fins. He is really beautiful to look at. I will probably have to get rid of the Dempsey once it matures. I recommend this fish to most people. They are friendly, interested, mostly peaceful and can handle themselves with other fish.

Contributed by Eric Lugar

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