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Pomacea canaliculata
Channeled Apple Snail

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Apple snails are very active, unlike other snails I've kept. They're the most entertaining snail, that will add movement to your aquarium. It's very fun to watch, it'll search everywhere in the aquarium for food. Mine learned to take floating foods when I feed my cichlids. Mine do eat meats when it's available for them. Everyone should get one if they have messy eaters.

Contributed by F. Yeung

This is a marvelous creature, with lovely yellow orange color. They reproduce sexually (unlike other snails) so they will lay their eggs only if you are fortunate enough to have a male and a female. Since sexual identification is hard, even if you have two of these beautiful creatures they won't necessarily reproduce. They move fast comparing with other snails, and surprisingly fast for their size. They have a special "siphon" they send out of the water in order to breath. They are great garbage disposers, but they do nibble on plants when they are hungry, so a regular supply of commercial sinking food is needed to prevent your plants from getting "nibbled" on.

Contributed by Alon Bigler

I bought one to add to my hex tank that included 4 ghost shrimp, but in a few days my shrimp started disappearing. Turns out the snails, despite their slow movement will eat the shrimp when the shrimp are in their molting mode. So now my shrimp are in a separate 20 L tank with one Betta and living happily everafter while the snail has his hex all to himself with another betta.

Contributed by Lee Mann

When I purchased one of these at my local fish store, they called it a mystery snail. That was in August 2004. It was the size of a marble - now it's as big as a baseball! I have only fed it algae wafers until it ate all my plants! Now that it's spring, I feed it leaves from the trees outside. Cheap food huh? These snails are by far one of the most interesting critters that I have added to my aquarium collection. Everyone that sees it always has something to say about it.

Contributed by Jeff Scarsdale

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