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Photo Credit: Sabrina

I have noted that my Platies are far larger than the normal 5 cm, as stated in the website. The females are around 7-8 cm long, the males 6. Also, the females have peculiar features, as the short anal fin present in the female which equals the gonopodium, is rather large, and has a 'small gonopodium' growing behind the anal fin. (Editorīs note: Platies can cross-breed with Swordtails, and the hybrids are generally larger than the pure Platies - M.A.)

Contributed by Gideon

In my experience Platies don't do well in water with a pH below 7.2, although I've found that they exist happily in water up to about 8.0. They like hard water, and I give them this with about 1 teaspoon of salt per gallon of water, they're thrilled. They are great beginner fish, and breed easily, but they don't tolerate the nitrogen cycle well at all. I've had great luck with platies in every tank imaginable, so long as I keep them warm, in hard, slightly alkaline water, and with salt. They die so much quicker if this is neglected.

Contributed by Kelsey

I love our sunset-fire platies. They get along very well with our silver mollies, and have even cross-bred. These things reproduce like rabbits! Pick up a couple females and one male, and a month or less you'll have babies. We presently have 56 newborns of varying color, and I can't wait to see what they look like when they get bigger.

Contributed by Steven Rundle

I have about 12 platies in my tank. They act as excellent tank mates for just about every fish. Their colourful finagle makes them stand out in a tank and their individual personalities make them a hugely popular fish. My platies breed about every month,the fry are easy to look after and feed, because they give birth to live young. I feed my fry on crushed flake that they will readily accept. I raise my young, then sell them.

Contributed by Alan Lawson

Platies are cute and very easy to breed but I have noticed that they're quite the sneaky and evil type. My Red/Yellow male platy tends to chase one of my goldfish around and sneaks up behind other fish and nibbles on their tails. The same goes for my black platy. Otherwise they're a great addition to my aquarium, they're easy to take care of, easy to breed, very pretty, and a great addition to my aquarium.

Contributed by Datis Moh

I have had platys since I can remember. I am 15 years old and from 10 platies came the total of 300. This was in my pond. I am an absolute fan of the platy. They are a great beginner fish and are easy breeders. I find that they like blanched vegetables as a little greens in their diet doesn't hurt. I find also as some of you may know that they suit a warm alkaline water, otherwise they die off more quickly. Their reproduction cycle is about every 28 days, they tend to breed quickly. They are an amusing fish to watch, but sometimes tend to be aggressive over females. I rear the young in breeding baskets and then sell them off.

Contributed by Becky

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