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Pimelodus pictus
Spotted (Angelicus) Pimelodus

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Fins of Pictus Cats getting caught in nets is a common problem and doesn't require such a radical solution as cutting off a piece of fin to remove netting. If you cut around the fin, leaving a small piece of netting attached, and return the fish to water, the netting invariably comes off after a few days or so. Preferably avoid using a net with these fish, if at all possible.

Contributed by Phil Chapman

I have three Pictus catfish. I read they are docile, yet they have ripped off the fins of my Siamese Fighting Fish. At first I thought it might just be fin rot, but I took out the betta in the tank and put it in a bowl and then replaced it with my other betta. This time I caught the Pictus in the act of nibbling on the fins. They almost ripped him apart in about 30 minutes.

Contributed by Greg Thomas

I bought a small one about maybe 3-5 cm long, and put it in my tank thinking it would be a good community fish (as was told by the retailer of this fish). I had 2 Albino Rainbow sharks, one day I came home and my sister was looking in the tank and asked what was wrong with the Catfish. I looked at it and when it turned its body so it was facing me, all you could see were red fins sticking out of its mouth. We tried to catch it and separate it from the other fish and as we were chasing it with nets, it spit out my shark, but it was already dead and bent in a weird shape. It ate my beautiful Albino Rainbow shark because this catfish is known to eat anything and EVERYTHING smaller than it, even if its a marginal difference in size...consider your fish EATEN. My poor shark...

Contributed by An Rong Chiew

Really cool fish to keep. I kept a pair of these with my Synos a few years back. They're active even in daytime. Beware beginners! Don't make the mistake made by a friend of mine who added one to his tank of Neons! The neons, all 6 of them were eaten.

Contributed by Sean McKinley

I bought a pictus cat about four months ago at ~5 cm. It is now over 8 cm and growing. This could be due to the fact that it has consumed ten or more half-grown guppies, and four small or injured danios. The Pictus probably eats 80% of any pellet food that goes in the tank, no matter how far I scatter it. The other fish are just too slow. Eating habits aside, it is a beautiful catfish, very active, and I wouldn't trade it for anything; gets along perfectly with the otos, loaches, and dwarf cichlids I have in the 270 L...and as long as the danios are healthy, and the guppies large, they do fine together as well. ;)

Contributed by Heather Linton

I had 3 of these in a 240 liter tank along with upside downs, raphael, and a very large royal pleco. Well it was feeding time in the morning and I came down to find a half eaten pleco and 3 big bellied pictus. I took out the remainders of the plec and examined the fish. It had big slashes where the pictus had been swimming frantically in the night and slashed there fins along the body of the pleco. I put the fish in the bin and later found a beautiful royal plec in the LFS, so I brought it home to replace the old. While doing this I took out some of the ornaments and put in bigger ones to create more places for the pictus to play. Since then I have not had a single mark on any of my fish. Note: give your pictus big objects to play in and not small ones...

Contributed by George,Dyson

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