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Hyphessobrycon megalopterus
Black Phantom Tetra

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Photos & Comments

Hyphessobrycon_megalopterus_4.jpg (47kb)
Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

I have two Black Phantom Tetras and they are about the gentlest fish I have seen. I have them in a 60 L upright tank with 2 Neon tetras, 2 Glass Fish, and 4 Zebras and a mini crab. I love the Phantoms. Their colors change a bit from time to time, but they are usually dark and I have never seen them nip or display any form of aggression. For a community tank they are an ideal addition.

Contributed by Paul

We had 6 Black Phantom Tetras, not again. Thankfully our local fish supplier swapped them for other fish. In our community tank they made a meal of our neons, danios, and many others. We often looked to see half of a fish sinking to the floor of the tank. I observed the culprits and have had no such findings since the black phantoms were removed. A shame as they were attractive, hardy, and low maintenance.

Contributed by V. Jones

I have eight black phantoms, 2 males & 6 females, in my heavily planted 225 liter tank. There is a dominant large male, but the smaller one holds his own! No problems with 6 columbian blue, 7 lemon and 6 congo tetras. Beautiful fish. They all love live food. I think the lemon tetras are the chasers in this mix, but nothing worrying me.

Contributed by Joanna Read

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