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Synodontis petricola
Even-Spotted Squeaker

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I have had a pair of these for over 6 months and they are great fish to own. They have made their home in a massive plant on a piece of bogwood I have. One is larger than the other, so I think that this one may be the male. He seems to be the braver of the two also.

Contributed by Paul Taylor

We purchased a pair of Petricolas (Pinky & Perky) to accompany our mbunas. They're very attractive fish, always on the move and usually together. Their swimming motion reminds me of a miniature shark. They were about 2.5 cm when we bought them (Nov 03), now (Apr 04) they're about 4.5 cm.

Contributed by Brian Major

I have 14 3-5 cm petricolas in my 200 L with 10 juvenile African cichlids. Everything I read about them from other people who keep them says that they are more active in larger numbers, at least 4 or 5. They are all over the tank, all the time, remind me of a swarm of bees. They are also tolerant of lower pH than the African cichlids, and will spawn in 7.2 or higher, making them a good community fish for many different tanks.

Contributed by Todd Appel

I have kept this synodontis over the last few years in african cichlid communities, both malawi and tanganyikan, and all synodontis setups. I currently have one in my 100 litre mbuna tank. These catfish are by far the most active synodontis species I have kept, and are generally very peaceful. They don't grow very large, 10 cm being their maximum, and they are excellent scavengers. Ideal for any African cichlid community.

Contributed by Sean McKinley

I have six of these guys in with some calvus, comps, and julie cichlids. They are awesome fish! Probably my favorites in the tank. They school together for the most part and are out and about at all times of the day.

Contributed by Matt Hill

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