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Synodontis petricola
Even-Spotted Squeaker

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Photos & Comments

petricola1.jpg (26kb)
Photo Credit: James Forgan

Name: Synodontis petricola
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Lake Tanganyika (Africa)
10 cm 100 L 8.2 27C


I bought one of these and I really love his color and activeness. He swims around the tank and looks for food and then goes back into his cave. He looks so playful and colorful. I never thought I would own a catfish, but I didn't know that catfish were so pretty.

Contributed by Hadley Hicks

I have a pair of these in a 450 liter cichlid tank. They're interesting fish because they are constantly in motion, and they get along fine with the cichlids. It's also nice to have a catfish that's native to Lake Tanganyika in with the african cichlids. I would recommend the Petricola Cat to other cichlid owners.

Contributed by Owen Thistle

I bought three of these at 3 cm long and they are perfect miniatures of the adults that I have seen in pictures. So far they stay mostly in the rocks and only dart out to get food when I feed the mbuna. Perhaps they will become less fearful when they are larger. They do not seem to be sociable with one another. Whenever one sees another there is a short chase until they are separated in the maze of rock crevices.

Contributed by Sandra Linkletter

We bought a pair of these catfish, without knowing anything about them! Ours are very good companions to one another and indeed all their tank mates. We have them in a large (150 cm) general community tank which includes Pims, a 20 cm Gibbiceps and other bottom dwellers. I was surprised how little time they spend on the bottom - not my idea of a typical catfish.

Contributed by Paul Taylor

Very active and beautiful fish! I have 3 of them and they are not shy at all! They swim all over the aquarium. Only when someone they don't know enters the room they hide. They are also very social towards each other.

Contributed by Jannet B.

I have had one of these for about 3 years now he is very friendly and pretty. He eats anything you want him to. No one bothers him and he doesn't bother anyone at all. I bought him when he was about 3 cm and now he is almost 8 cm. Very low maintenance.

Contributed by Adam Dulski

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