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Labidochromis sp. "perlmutt"
Perlmutt Cichlid

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Photos & Comments

perlmutt2.jpg (20kb)
Photo Credit: Owen Thistle

Name: Labidochromis sp. 'perlmutt'
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Lake Malawi (Africa)
12 cm 100 L 8.1 27C


Although I haven't had mine for long and they still aren't full grown, the picture doesn't really do them justice. My largest one is about 5 cm and is just now showing some breeding behavior. The dominant male will show no bars and will be a beautiful creamy white with a touch of blueish iridescence.

Contributed by Mickie

I also haven't had mine for long but they sure are cute. Of the pair I bought about a month ago, one is also 5 cm long and has lost the barring. He has a beautiful pearly look and is definitely displaying for the other. The second fish retains its bars and is also quite attractive. They are the smallest fish in the tank, but very inquisitive and fun to watch.

Contributed by Rachelle

I've had Perlmutts for several years now. They have proven to be the easiest Malawi cichlids for me to breed. They're generally peaceful, although the dominant male eventually may kill off other Perlmutt males, if space is tight. But they will almost never bother other Cichlids at all. When females are holding a mouthful of fry, they won't eat for several weeks until the young are released. All in all, Perlmutts are a great choice for a fairly unaggressive African Cichlid.

Contributed by (no name given)

These fish must be very variable because even within my seven I have a male holding territory who is a lovely shade of silvery grey without bars when he is displaying and another who is pinkish white with bars that never go away even when he is spawning. He is the larger of the two so all the females are spawning with him instead of with the prettier one. Both of them have very lovely fins, yellow like the one in the picture but shot through with pale blue. The females are also very attractive with their broad vertical stripes, some of which form inverted V-shapes.

Contributed by Sandra Linkletter

I've been breeding pearlmutts (Mara Rock) for about a year. My oldest breeding colony consists of one male and four females. The male is around 9 cm in length and the females are smaller, ranging from 6-8 cm. I consider these fish to be full grown. Each female is stripped of her fry at 18-21 days. The average brood is 14-18 fry. At present, my sex ratio is 7 females to 3 males. Females get over attached to the fry and if left to hold will become quite thin. Stripping the fry shortens the length of time required for mom to recover. This colony is housed in a 170 L tank with 7 large electric yellows. Both the electric yellow and pearlmutts spawn regularly in the bare bottom tank filled with flower pots and limestone.

Contributed by S. Withers

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