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Nannostomus unifasciatus
One-Lined Pencilfish

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Photos & Comments

pencil1.jpg (8kb)
Photo Credit: Daniel Didier

Name: Nannostomus unifasciatus
Origin: Amazon Basin

Size Tank pH Temp
6 cm 40 L 6.8 25C


The Pencil Fish are a wonderful addition to any community tank. They are very peaceful and like to school. Pencil Fish do not have any fancy coloring or strange form, but they do have distinctive traits. They are mostly at a 45 angle, and seem to move as a humming bird does when they are examining a plant or moving slowly. They also swim like a normal fish when they move faster. I currently have them in my community tank and they do not bother any of the other fish. They are skittish, but not shy. They like to hang out around the bottom close to dense plantings.

Contributed by Daniel Didier

I had 5 of these a long time ago and loved them. The tank included medium rocks, driftwood and was moderately planted. They had their own little staging spot, where they all hung out and it was great watching them all move together when venturing out of their spot. I've been out of the hobby for a little while, but remember not seeing these available too often.

Contributed by Chuck McMahon

I started out with six of these neat little fish. The next day one was dead, but the rest seem very hardy. They like to school with the zebra danios. I was afraid the balas would make a meal out of them, but not yet. They seem fearless and very at home with the red tail shark, balas, and danios.

Contributed by Geoff and Marla

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