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Peckoltia vittata
Banded Peckoltia

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peckoltia1.jpg (18kb)
Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

Name: Peckoltia vittata
Origin: Brazil (Rio Negro)

Size Tank pH Temp
10 cm 60 L 7.0 24C


I have had this clown plec for over 2 years, and I find him fascinating! I'm sure I have spoiled him because he loves his algae sinking wafers too much. He comes out of hiding when the lights come on in the morning (6 AM) just for feeding. My plec is a chocolate brown color with orange stripes and a stand up tail! He is not aggressive to the other tankmates (small community fish) unless they are by his algae wafers. I really enjoy watching him bounce around the bottom of the tank.

Contributed by Mary

I had four, now (sadly) two peckoltias in my Amazon tank. They're shy and somewhat territorial (in a cute way, not aggressive). In my opinion, they are well worth the money (in South Africa they are relatively expensive). Quite shy and like the shade. Front-facing caves and wood with good overhangs are their favourite resting places. Unfortunately they are not into breeding. I don't know whether they are mature or not. I have had them for two years now. I lost two due to being an idiot and not tying some cotton thread I had used to attach java fern to bog-wood tight enough. Oh well. When I get the opportunity to get another tank I will try setting it up to breed these little tykes. That would be excellent as they are really rewarding.

Contributed by Craig Hammond

I just got this species under the name "Butterfly Sailfin Clown Pleco". What a mouth full. He's not as active as my regular pleco and not as aggressive as my gold nugget pleco, but is more outgoing then my zebra pleco. He has made his home among plant bases rather than the driftwood and rock area where the gold nugget lives. Has a slim long mouth, compared to the pleco and the large mouthed gold nugget. Hasn't come out to feed yet, but I guess it can't be expected of him since he's only been in his new home for a few days.

Contributed by Kyle

I have had my clown pleco for about 5 months now, and he is one of the more amusing characters in my tank. He loves the small slow-sinking catfish pellets that I feed my clown loaches on, and will sometimes head-butt the loaches or even the Kribs in order to make them drop the pellets. He is a very very active, playful little fellow and never seems to stop in one place for very long. I would recommend getting one of these!

Contributed by Herbert Nessa

I have had this clown plec for 3 years now and personally I think he has got one of the best personalities of all my rare plecs. He doesn't seem to have any problems with water types. I got him from a tank which had a water softener in it. I have very hard, chalky water in my tank and he could not seem to care less. I recommend this fish for long as you have plenty of refuges and dense foliage in your tank these fish will do great. They can be slightly succeptible to fungus around the eyes, although my clown has never had problems. If your clown does get fungus round the eyes which renders him blind, don't worry too much as the fishes eating habits mean they can still survive for years, living a normal lifestyle.

Contributed by Michelle Fenniche

I have two of these great fish in my amazon tank along with a few corys and tetras. I've only had them a week, but they are already out in the open a lot of the time and don't hide as I've often heard they do (although they have plenty of hiding spots). At first I was concerned because the corys often ate the algae pellets before the plecos got them and would sometimes even scare the plecos off and steal them, but now the plecos have become much more outgoing and even steal them right back from the corys. Great fish to have.

Contributed by Andy Schenkel

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