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Pomacea bridgesi
Golden Apple Snail

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Photo Credit: Fox M

They are super cute little dudes, but don't keep them with gouramis, etc., because you will never get to see their beuatiful long feelers. They also have the coolest face. I love them.

Contributed by Fox M

This, by far is my favorite aquarium invertebrate. They have amazing color, and have orange speckles on their mantle (foot). Several of mine have showed personalities, and even (limited) intelligence! One snail in particular, Gargantua, would ooze on top of the airstone, let it carry him to the top, and then "parachute" to the bottom. He would also climb the sides of the tank, let go, and float to the bottom. He would do this over and over, sometimes for more than an hour. He also seemed to like floating on the surface, being carried aroung by the current from the filter. The first time he did this, I thought he was dead! Overall, a fun little critter, who will clean your tank as well. As long as you don't add salt or any snail eating fish, these things are almost impossible to kill. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Contributed by Wesley Hermann

Apple snails are a great addition to the tank. They have so many benefits like reducing waste in the tank, eating algae, good looks, but the most amazing thing to me is how hardy they are. About four years ago, my sister and I bought one snail each. We put them together for a while to see if they would breed, and at certain points between then and now we had to take scrapers to the side of the tank just to reduce the population. Sadly, I quit fishkeeping for a while and lost all of my snails and my sister decided to start her tank from scratch, but she didn't take them from the tank :( Well anyways, just a few weeks ago, my pacu decided that my new snail looked like food, so he cracked half of the snail's shell off! That snail is still swimming today in my other tank!

Contributed by Michael

I have 4 golden apple snails in my tank with neon tetras, upsidedown catfish, guppies and several other species. I have a well established tank and the apple snails are breeding almost constantly. I think I have on average 300-400 babies on the tank bottom cleaning like crazy. When these little guys get to just over 1 cm I take them to my local pet store where I can trade them in for fish to decorate my tank. I have found that my frogs (two dwarfs) seem to like sitting on the snail. I once thought that one of the frogs was trapped under the largest snail (5cm) but as it turns out the frogs tend to go and rest beside the snail and let them crawl over them (partially). Maybe it helps the frog remove its skin. They are great to watch. I am amazed at the size of them, climbing on a blade of grass right to the tip before falling gracefully to the bottom again. Excellent for any tank.

Contributed by Mark Henderson

I currently have two of these snails, a purple striped one and a pink striped one. I had another one which was plain yellow, but he died of old age. My snails live in a 40 L tank with some neon tetras, nerite snails, and algae-eating shrimps. Here's some info on them that I didn't see included in the other comments. These snails come in sexes, male and female. Most snails are hermaphrodites, which means that any two snails can mate. All three of my snails have been males, so I've never had any snail eggs or babies. They come in a wide variety of colors, with light or dark colored bodies, and plain or striped shells. They are very attractive additions to a tank! They don't eat plants, except for duckweed. Mine don't seem to eat algae, but they eat any fish food I put in. They can eat food that is sitting on plants and the substrate, but they can also feed from the surface. They will sit on top of plants, or the filter, and stretch themselves up to the top of the water to get floating fish food. They can also attach themselves to the glass near the water line and form sort of a funnel with thier bodies. Then water flows through the funnel and collects between the snail body and the glass, and when there's enough food there the snail will put his head down and eat it. They have a range of interesting behaviors. Just seeing them crawl along with their tentacles flowing is cool in itself. They have lungs as well as gills, and even in a well-oxygenated tank they like to breathe. They sit just below the surface and extend their breathing tube, and they pull their heads in and out several times to breathe in fresh air. Then they let go and drop through the water to the substrate.

Contributed by Myra VanInwegen

I can't speak more highly of these cute little critters! I have one Golden Apple Snail in my 8 liter hospital tank to keep the biological filter going while the tank is empty. At first I was worried about it being lonely on its own, but it seems to be thriving! My water has a pH of 7.6 and is moderately hard. Every few days I feed my snail fresh vegies - pumpkin and zucchini are favourites. It occasionally picks on algae, but never harms the live plants. It is amazingly interesting to watch this snail glide around the tank, often 'freefalling' from high points and landing softly on the substrate. The only drawback to these snails are that they are messy and need good filtration. But other than that they are a very interesting addition to any peaceful aquarium.

Contributed by Amy

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