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Pomacea bridgesi
Golden Apple Snail

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Pomacea_bridgesi_3.jpg (13kb)
Photo Credit: Luciano Vieira

Name: Pomacea bridgesi
Origin: Southeast Brazil to Argentina

Size Tank pH Temp
6 cm 30 L 7.2 25C


Pomacea bridgesi closely resemble their cousins the Pomacea canaliculata. The best way to tell the difference is in the shape of the shell spiral. Bridgesi have a pointed spiral that extends out from the shell, whereas Canaliculata's spiral is almost flat with the side of the shell. There are other differences but the spiral is the most obvious. There is however another VERY critical difference. Bridgesi do not eat plants typically, whereas Canaliculata are voracious leaf eaters. Mistaking the two species could have a devastasting effect on a planted tank.

Contributed by Tom Lay

I bought two "Golden Apples Snails" about three years ago. At that time they were about 4 cm long and a somewhat light brownish gold color. They were quite active and I kept them in a 40 liter tank by themselves, so that there would be no fish to constantly pick at their "feelers". They were prodigious eaters and really loved lettuce. They would somehow recognize when a leaf of lettuce was placed in the tank and crawl right to it. Somehow I determined that they also like antacid tablets as a source of calcium. They would eat an entire tablet in just a couple days. I thought that snails extracted the calcium for their shells from the water, but now I think that they may eat it from limestone. Both had shells that were somewhat eroded, but the new shell was smooth, probably from the supply of calcium. One died after about a year and was 8 cm long. The other lived about two years and was about 10 cm long. The shell will just barely fit into a coffee cup. This is probably the normal life span of these creatures. I now have purchased six smaller ones. I hope I will be able to get them to lay eggs so that I can raise some that have spent their entire life in a situation where they have an abundant supply of both calcium and food.

Contributed by John Arbogast

I have a small apple snail, and it just laid some eggs on the top of my tank, next to the light! It's pretty cool. It is very peaceful, and gets along very well with my community tank. Guppies pick at it, but it doesn't seem to mind much. It eats whatever is on the bottom, does a great job at keeping the tank clean. It's very interesting to see it climb along the glass of the tank, you can see its mouth and everything.

Contributed by Camille Karfis

Good snails to have. They are very active and move faster than I ever thought snails could move. The yellow shell is really bright and a good addition to our guppie tank. When we first introduced him, a guppie ate one of his antennae, but after about 2 weeks (the beginning of which we were convinced he was dead for 2-3 days) his antenna grew back and he is cruising around our tank just as happy as can be. We were told that these snails leave large egg sacs which are easy to find and remove to stop unwanted snail infestations, but after a month and a half still nothing, perhaps he likes solitary life. The pH in our tank is around 7.6, and he seems happy. Cool snail, he takes care of most of the wasted food on the bottom and does limited work on the algae, although the guppies never really allow the algae to get bad in the first place. I'd recommend these snails as a good peaceful garbage collector, even though we like him more for his personallity than any benifit to the tank.

Contributed by Jonathan and Jonna

Apple snails can be a very nice addition to your aquarium, but be careful that your snail is large enough to compete with certain fish who may try to knock it off the side of the tank, and also that your snail is compatible with your filter. I had the misfortune of having one sucked right out of his shell by my filter.

Contributed by Brenda Pesano

I have a nice group of Golden Apple Snails. I like them as much as my Goldfish. I did have one crawl out, and land on the floor. He is still in shock. May not make it. I can't believe how fast they are. They also clean each other's shell.

Contributed by Michelle Williams

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