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Cichlasoma citrinellum x Cichlasoma synspilum
Blood Parrot Cichlid

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bloodparrot7.jpg (19kb)
Photo Credit: Michel Lalonde

Name: C. citrinellum x C. synspilum
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Domestic (hybrid/dyed)
25 cm 200 L 7.0 25C


These fish are a cross breed between two central american cichlids. They are a mutt fish that was first created on accident. They should never have been created and any fish that cannot close its mouth should not be allowed to happen!

Contributed by Ryan Lemburg

How come everyone is "anti-blood parrot"? I think this is an interesting and cute fish to keep. However, I have not been successful in getting information about the fish.

Contributed by Charles Loh

I have a Blood Parrot Cichlid. Sadly, after 10 years in my tank, she is dying. During those ten years, she has never been sick or experienced any trouble eating. It is amazing how attached you can become to a fish!

Contributed by Beth Lilly

I have a parrot, and it mates with my Green Texas Cichlid very far they have had three sets of four sets of babies, sad to say I have only been able to save about 8 now which are very big, one of them is close to 3 inches, there are some new borns that I am waiting to get a little big so I can remove them from the 60 gallon to a ten gallon and raise them there, because there are other fish that will eat them in the big tank.....I have never heard of this breed (Parrot and Texas) so if you know anything about this please let me know, I would love to know the name of this new species!

Contributed by Charlie Chim

I firmly agree with Ryan, this fish should never have been bred. I find it very sad that so many people in the hobby are willing to support the breeding of freak fish to the point where they become a viable commercial proposition. It is one thing breeding to enhance the colour of a fish or (up to a point) enhancing fin shape, but I cannot see how the breeding of deformed fish can be considered something to strive for.

Contributed by Ken Walley

I absolutely love my Blood Parrots! I started with one and now I have four and am considering another. They are currently laying eggs and I am hopeful that I will have fry. Their mating and play habits are interesting and beautiful. They have the most personality in tropical fish that I have seen to date.

Contributed by Suzanne Brody

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