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Panaque nigrolineatus
Royal Pleco (Catfish)

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Photo Credit: Greg Austin

Name: Panaque nigrolineatus
Origin: Amazon Basin

Size Tank pH Temp
50 cm 250 L 7.0 25C


I have one of these wonderful Royal Plecos. Although they wouldn't be considered one of the brightest fish in the bunch. I am on my fifth one, due to the fact that the first four tried to suck the Hagen 802 Powerhead, and quickly found out that it sucks back! I have since put the new little (1") guy into a less severe powered tank! Although he still finds his amusement sucking on the quick filter to the Hagen 202, and the Millennium 2000 Filter. He doesn't like to eat much, and he is not growing too fast. Very anti social, and unresponsive, but other than that they make good filter cleaners!

Contributed by Toni

I also have a royal and he is very active when it comes to eating. I have had this guy for about a year now and he is doing great, although I must add that he is very territorial. I once caught my 6" pleco trying to suck on the side of my discus. It's a good thing that he didn't get a hold of him or I would have lost my discus. His food of choice is the OSI sinking pellets, its a blast to watch him when he gets one in his mouth. The only thing that you see is a cloud of food. My royal recently got very sick for no reason and his body sunk in and so did his eyes, it was very disturbing to see. You could no longer see his eyes and they turned a tan color, but with frequent water changes and some very special attention he came back to life. More active then ever. in conclusion I must say that he is my favorite fish in the tank and very fun to watch.

Contributed by Erin

I'm a Pleco obsessive of sorts, I have had several different kinds of Plecos. I've had two Royal's before, or Panaque nigrolineatus, the scientific name. This pleco is quite an intriguing fish. There are many different color variations and types, the ones I've had were both lyretails. Beautiful fish. I wouldn't recommend them for beginners, though. This is the case with most Pleco's, they can be wonderful fish, or they can be a trouble to take care of. For food, I would recommend either Seaweed Selects "Pleco Passion", or Hikari Algae Wafers. They really seem to like those two brands from my experience with them. Good luck to all you Pleco lovers with them out there!

Contributed by Chris Taylor

I have a Royal Lyretail that is the best Pleco I have ever had. I have been working in pet shops for 22 years, and they are the best of all for eating algae. They can clean anything, but a bit high in price. I love mine.

Contributed by Cathy

I recently purchased a couple new plecos to help keep the algae down. One of those was a sweet looking Royal Pleco. I was a little nervous introducing him to my tank, with about 40 other fish, because he is only a a few centimeters long. Fortunately I had nothing to worry about. I dropped him in, and he went straight to work. None of my cichlids bothered him at all. He prefers to hang on the bottom of my driftwood, but I have watched him clean the glass and slate as well. Definitely my best looking pleco, I will be getting a couple more.

Contributed by Chris Rogan

I once kept a royal pleco but this fish died about a week after I purchased it. The fish was healthy at the store but slowly starved itself to death in my tank. I then found out that these fish need some wood to rasp on, wood is an important part of their diet. I would suggest acclimating this fish slowly to a new tank because this type of pleco is said to be quite sensitive to changes in water conditions.

Contributed by Erik

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