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Piaractus brachypomus
Black Pacu, Pirapitinga

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Pacu's are not strictly herbivorous, in fact they are omnivorous. They are peaceful unless provoked, in which they become scared and can bust a tank in no time. They're only a threat to fish a lot smaller than them, because they see them as food.

Contributed by Doug Freeley

I have 2 adult black pacu that are 45 cm and 48 cm and they are in a tank with a giant gourami and other cichlids and they are so happy. They love eating peas and lima beans! My mom loves them because she says they look like they're always smiling.

Contributed by Kyle Kempf

I had a black pacu, I bought her 16 years ago. She was the size of a quarter when I brought her home. She had a very healthy appetite and initiallu grew up in a 200 L long tank, with other fish in her tank. When I realized all my fish were gonna get big I purchased an 870 L with wet/dry system. She became very aggressive when she got bigger and eventually killed a lot of my other fish. She lived the remainder of her life by herself, which seemed to suit her fine. She lived on floating food sticks, occasional feeders and loved to eat the algae on the back of her tank. I recently did a water change and was so concerned with cleaning her tank that I over did it (I did use dechlorinator). She went into shock and I could tell I messed up immediately. I didn't sleep well knowing she would eventually die. She did, 2 days later. I was very sad, we've been through a lot together. She loved to be stroked when her tank was being cleaned and even had a favorite rock she played with! I miss seeing my big grey ghost swim around...

Contributed by Michael Hineman

I read a couple of the other messaages and I now realize that my family is not the only one with a very special Pacu. Our Pacu (Babs) just turned 25 years old this past month. When we called a pet store they told us that Pacus only live to be 10-15 years old, so they were shocked when we told them her age. It is so great to hear that others have also had Pacus live this long. We love her and she has always been a member of the family, basically she is one of the children (except she is older than most the children)! She also is very sweet and lets us all pet her and loves to have her picture taken. She definitely loves attention! She has been the best fish and it is so amazing to finally have found others that have the same kind of bond with their long lasting Pacus!

Contributed by Kiri

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