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Photo Credit: Alvaro Pinto

I have a tiger oscar. He lives in my 250 litre, alone with a pleco. He's a great fish, always looking for food or something to occupy his busy brain. He'll eat anything, and I mean anything! My sister threw in a coffee bean and he ate it up like it was a feeder gold fish. Another time my neighbor came over and said "hey cool fish" and stuck hid finger in. Well, Kramer (my oscar's name) bit him up to his second knuckle. It's an amazing fish to own, but sadly, the oscar gets abused by careless owners who buy a baby oscar at their local fish mart and put it in their 40 litre aquarium. Then they live a sad and lonely short life, when if properly cared for they can live for 10 years or more. But nevertheless if you are determined enough and have enough commitment to raise one of these fish, go right ahead. They are my favorite fresh water fish.

Contributed by Mike Hunt

I've had oscars for many years. I currently have two, one albino and one regular. Both of my oscars are about 30-33 cm long and I've had both for about five years. I currently keep them in an 300 L tank with a green terror, red parrot, and a Jack Dempsey. My oscars are both the kings of the tank. I would say it's OK to put oscars with other aggressive cichlids as long as your oscars are larger, they can hold their own. Oscars are awesome fish, they are unbelievably smart for a fish, my oscars act more like dogs than fish. When I come home they come up to the glass and beg to be fed, I think they can even distinguish color because they can tell the difference between the red container that I keep their food in and all the other containers such as my chemical bottles (they get especially excited when the see the red container). As far as maintenance, they are extremely easy to take care of. They are extremely hearty. Hell, I think my oscars can live in toilet water if they had to. You could not believe the toughness of these fish once they get larger. About two years ago my albino oscar flipped my lid open and jumped out of the tank, I was at work at the time. I came home and realized she was missing. I began searching everywhere and after literally two hours of searching for her eventually gave up out of frustration. My little sister continued looking as I left the room. After about another half hour my sister found her, she wiggled underneith my dresser and somehow managed to flop up into one of my drawers. She was literally stiff as a board, bone dry and had carpet stuck all over her. I thought she was dead but then I noticed her gill move. I rushed her to the tank and slowly brought her back. She had to be out the water for 3-4 hours. I still have her today. Oscars are cool. I would advise anyone to buy one, they're great for your tank.

Contributed by Garrett Clance

Brutus and Cassius were my twin oscars for 8 years until Hole In the Head. At Death, Cassius was 35 cm. Two years later when Brutus died, he was an astonishing 48 cm and well over 2 kg. They are both buried under my Crab Apple Tree in my back yard. Every one loves their oscars. I know I did.

Contributed by Paul Cummings

After reading these postings I start to second guess my decision to start a community tank with the loss of my Oscar, Goofy, after ten years. Now I am dedicated to the community tank, but I will have to get a second large tank and another Oscar. I really miss walking through the room to catch her carrying her driftwood around like a puppy. They truly become a part of the family. I might also add that Oscars are very intelligent, curious and playful. I would suggest keeping a supply of toys for your Oscar, rotating them out every few days so it doesn't get board. One of Goofy's personal favorites was a ping pong ball. She would play with it for hours.

Contributed by Dennis Becker

I've had a pair of Albino Oscars for over a year now, and I think I've got a dud pair! Seriously, they bore me to tears almost. They are all happy and busy at feeding time, but the rest of the time all they want to do is lounge around at the bottom of the tank or lip-lock with their reflection at one end. For maybe an hour in the evening they cruise around, but that's about it. I spent a fortune buying them this huge tank and for most of the time they don't even use it. It's against my principles to take an animal back to the shop, so I guess we are stuck with each other, but I wish I'd have picked some other cichlids to be honest.

Contributed by Mitchell Gibson

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