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Photo Credit: William Cairo

I have an Albino, a Tiger and a Fire Oscar together. They don't fight, they swim together, eat together and rest together. They are best friends, one of the most owner responsive fish you can buy.

Contributed by D. Patching

Wow, I love my 2 Black Oscars (J.R, and Miss Elli). I bought them when they were about 4 cm and they have grown so fast in such a short period. they live in a 110 L tank with a Pleco, Bala Shark, and several Goldfish. My fish make me smile on a constant basis, because they get so excited everytime they see me. They also have developed a bad but humorous habit of knocking on the canopy of the aquarium. I think that anyone who does the research and has a suitable sized aquarium should think about Oscars, especially if you don't have room for a dog.

Contributed by Jason Northwood

I am on a second round at keeping Oscars with three babies. My first time I had two very large Tigers in my 570 liter tank. I had them for years and had great pleasure with them. I bought them as a mature pair which was they were not, as while watching them in numerous courtship rituals they both took turns in laying eggs, so I had two girls. So what, I loved them to bits. They never allowed me to add a male as they tore them to pieces. I had many years of pleasure until one of them stopped eating and passed away. I had a lot of trouble trying to remove it and then the other stopped eating. I tried to set the tank up for mixed community, but something was missing, yes you´ve guessed it, Oscars. They are only 12 cm long at the moment but are growing fast along with a 25 cm Giraffe Nose Cat. I´ve added a Laguna 4500 pond filter with a Lotus Diamond 650 to the original Fluval 403, which means I can sleep better at night.

Contributed by Jon

As almost everyone seems to agree that Oscars are intelligent, docile, friendly, and overall great pets, many beginners find (to their dismay) that they grow rapidly (I say exponentially) and eat anything you feed them. Remember to keep a pair in the largest tank possible (we have a 680 liter) and to feed them pellets and live fish occasionally. We have found that too many goldfish gives them "hole in the head".

Contributed by Michelle Zagari

I have 2 Oscars, one red tiger and the other just a plain tiger. I have had them for six years and I love to watch them eat. I use to have them in a 55 L tank but when they got too big I went for the 570 L tank. They are now about 35 cm and eat about four goldfish when I feed them. They are great fish and anyone with fresh water tank should own an Oscar.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have two oscars in a 220 liter tank. One 20 cm Red Oscar, and one 10 cm Albino Red Oscar. I love them, I think they're awesome. They eat a lot of minnows and goldfish. They swim slow and graceful, but when they are hunting for food they are unbelievably quick. I thought the bigger red oscar would eat my smaller albino, but they seem to get along pretty good.

Contributed by Rick Mancebo

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