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Photo Credit: Lynsey W.

I believe every one of these comments about the oscar. I happen to have a year old oscar named 'Jaws'. I decided to name him Jaws after watching him eat live food. His favorite live food is feeder goldfish. As soon as I would put them in the water BANG he would attack them. It is amazing how fast he sucks them in. When I first bought him he was teeny tiny. I had a red bellied pacu that was twice the size of him. Now my oscar is bigger than him. When you have an oscar you really have to watch the ammonia level because they´re heavy eaters and pooers. I really agree about oscars having lots of personality. When I go in my room he looks at me through the glass and follows me. When I feed him he wiggles his fins a lot faster. I did have four oscars with a jopoke, but the jopoke killed all but this one so I decided to get rid of him. Jaws is the prettiest tiger oscar I´ve seen. Oscars are the best kind of freshwater fish you can have in a fish tank.

Contributed by Jeremy Abbott

Oscars! What can you say? They are THE best fish ever. I have two Albino's and one Tiger. I also have two suckers and a Whip-Tail catfish in the same tank. It was lovely to read everyone else´s comments about these wonderful fish. I am going to get another tank and have a couple more tigers that I want to get as babies. Apart from them being such messy eaters I think they are as easy to look after as any other tropical fish, even if they do bite the hand that feeds them!

Contributed by Kerri

Finally I have found fellow Longfin owners! I have two beautiful Longfins and they are packed with personality. They follow me across the room and knock the lids loose when it´s feeding time. They have both reached a length of 40 cm and so far are the largest Oscars I have seen other than pictures. Mine, like so many of the others, are hand-fed and love to play. A friend who also keeps Oscars led me to a neat tip, put a floating toy of some sort in for them (I use bright colored Ping-Pong balls) make sure that it is large enough they won't try to use it for food. My two will take the balls and push them all around the tank, drag them to the bottom and then chase them to the top again. I switch colors about every two weeks as they do get bored with the same color after a while. They have an 45 cm pleco as a tank mate and all get along well. I have 5 other tanks in my home with various other cichlids but my Oscars are my pride and joy.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have currently got one Oscar. I started with three, two Bronze and one Albino. Well they could not play nice so the Albino killed one of the Bronze. Then everything was good for awhile again. Then the Albino went on a rampage again. This time it was time for the Albino to go. I took him to the pet store and they put him in with six Pacus. I was sure he was in trouble but sure enough I went back and the pacus were all in the corner. The fish were all between 20 to 25 cm. Now I just have to entertain one but that is enough.

Contributed by Hayley Pedersen

I have 2 Tigers named Horror and Terror. At the moment they're in a 200 liter tank, but I'm planing on building a huuuuge tank for them. It would be around 1000 or even 2000 liter aquarium...more like in-wall aquarium. For all of you people that think that it's impossible to keep a living plant in an oscar aquarium - it all depends...try it, and you'll know. Horror and Terror don't like floating plants, but they don't have anything against the Amazon Sword plant.

Contributed by Vedran Slijepcevic

I'm a new owner of these great fish. I've been a proud owner for about a year now. These remarkable fish will eat anything that they think will fit into their mouths. My fish are the most fun I could have, they follow me all over my room. I have a set time everyday that I feed them and if I'm not on time they let me know by hitting the lid. I now have to tape it down because they´re getting so strong that they will flip the lid up and when that happens they think they´re Superman. But as a beginner I've learned a lot and love my fish dearly. It hasn't been easy but they are happy. For all you beginners out there make sure you know what you´re doing before you get these great fish. But when you learn enough about them they´re the best fish you can have.

Contributed by Jordan Cruz

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