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Photo Credit: klbrz

I have 2 tiger oscars that are over 4 years old. I just separated them into two 190 liter tanks. They are by far the best fish I've ever had. The information in the other messages is absolute correct. No plants or even bigger fish can be in the tank. They do seem to have quite a bit of personality. They follow me even when I just walk past the tank. I hope they live long and prosper.

Contributed by Steve Basham

I have two tiger oscars. They live with three red finned barbs and they all get along great. I love the way the oscars move in the water. They greet me every time I go to feed them. They remind me of my dogs they love to be petted. I plan to always have oscars in my tank.

Contributed by Sonia

We have 2 Oscars, they live in a 200 Liter tank. We got the fish from a family member. She had 2 Pacu's and a Red Devil in the same tank. As you can imagine, it was crowded. We farmed out the 3 other fish, and now are down to the Oscars. They are very forgiving fish. We didn't know a lot about fish, but the Oscars have hung in there. We tend to over love them, with food, they eat and eat. Needless to say they have grown fast. Learned some lessons about the fish and thank goodness, someone taught us about the needs of the fish (Oscars). They are the comics in our house, always looking for attention. One picks up small pebbles and spits them at the glass to get attention. Darting back and forth to keep our attention. We recently added a Knife to the tank. He needed a larger home. Made him a cave and they seem to be doing fine together. That's the thoughts about those guys for roommates.

Contributed by Mary

I have had my Oscar now for about a year. Up to this point I have been calling it him, but I'm not sure now. In his year at my house he has eaten everything. At about 1 month he had two upside-down cat's. At 15 cm I had gotten him a 20 cm pleco, it took about 3 days to get him but when he did he had him sticking out his mouth for about 3 days. So the rumor about them eating anything that they can get in their mouth, needs to be adjusted to "if they think they can get them in their mouth". He does like to be the center of attention, though he will jump out the water and make a splash. So I put a lid on the tank, now it makes a crash when he does it. I think he likes it better. He has eaten anything from cat/dog food to deer meat. He is fond of snails, I found it out after the pleco incident. I had gotten two mystery snails, any way he found out that you can knock them off and suck them out of the shells. Well, I have had loads of fun with my Oscar, hope you do too.

Contributed by Jim

I had 3 oscars in a 950 Liter tank about 12 cm a peice and 2 of them were killed by an african cichlid (about 13 cm) the other day, 2 days following his introduction to that tank. He was very aggressive and picked on all the mildly aggressive fish big time so I put him in with the oscars and figured if he started stuff with the fish in there he would get eaten, but no, he killed the oscars, and the oscars didn't even seem to be bothering him at all! This fish is unordinarily agressive though, I own 6 more of these and they are pretty assertive generally. I think this one is possesed by a fish demon or something =) I'm disappointed though, I lost two great fish!

Contributed by Jeremy Butler

Looking tru all the comments on this web site, I feel really happy to read lovely words about great creatures. In my career of fish keeping over 18 years I'm sure that there's no greater pleasure than having a genuine pair of Tiger Oscars. I'm the most happy fish owner since these 2 beautiful creatures have been brought into my tank. There's nothing else to add to everyone's comments except they're the most intelligent, human responsive and attached creature that can be kept in a home tank! By chance I was lucky to choose the right fishes from the petshop - on the second day, they started jaw locking, cleaning and clearing everything (and I mean everything, nothing remained around that particular rock slate they chose), fancy dancing, tail slapping, etc, So I can say they're a genuine pair for a couple of bucks. And they're the only habitants in my tank. The actual size of the male is ~25 cm (Todd) and the female (Eve) is ~22 cm. I tease them every day and this is the first thing I do when I come back home - straight in the dining room and play with them. And they don't pay too much attention to strangers - I can say once they read the faces through the glass, they carry on with their activity in the tank. Once I come closer, they're very active at the front glass splashing water all over. They also know when they're doing something wrong - I can see it in their bulgeous eyes and faces. As soon as I have some funds, I plan to buy a 3 meter tank and make them a new home.

Contributed by Dan Lepindea

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