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Etroplus maculatus
Orange Chromide

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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

Name: Etroplus maculatus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: India, Sri Lanka
10 cm 100 L 8.0 25C


The Orange Chromide is an artificial improvement on the wild Etroplus maculatus from India, which is pale colored with black stripes and spots (the only known Asian Cichlid). It is originally a brackish water fish and will appreciate the addition of a little aquarium salt to the water.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

The Orange Chromide is one of my favorite cichlids. The first post described this as the only Asian cichlid, which is incorrect. The Orange Chromide is often found in the same brackish waters where the Green Chromide, a much larger food cichlid, is found. The Orange Chromide's wild color variety, in my opinion, is far more beautiful than it's orange variety that is often found in the trade. If you only have the orange morph and have room for a few more I recommend that you find and buy some of the wild color morphs, you won't be disappointed.

Contributed by Sean Stimac

The orange chromide is a very beautiful Asian cichlid and belongs to the Etroplus genus. There are three species in this genus, E. maculatus, Etroplus suratensis, and E. canarensis. The E. maculatus is the most beautiful of all the three fish. These fish do well in total fresh water as well. It is not necessary to have brackish water for them. Chromides have been collected from lakes containing total fresh water as well as brackish water systems.

Contributed by Mudassir Hussain

These fish are very peaceful. We currently have them in a tank with various sail fin mollies. They are the first to the front of the tank when feeding time arrives. Because they like a little salt they do fine with the larger mollies. At the moment they are only about 2-3 cm but they are already becoming very tame.

Contributed by Andy

I currently have and orange chromide in my tank (sold to me as a "red chromide"). The LFS employee said that this fish was a "real bad boy", but he seems to do just fine in my community tank. In fact, one of my gold rams (who is 1/4 the size of the chromide) will occasionally chase the chromide around! The other funny thing about these fish is their expression, kinda like a Robert De Niro "you talkin' to me?!" expression. He is a very friendly and peaceful fish, and a very colorful addition to the aquarium.

Contributed by Katherine Pitta

The Orange Chromide is one of my favourite cichlids, they are so peaceful. I have 6 of these beauties. Add 1-2 teaspoons of seasalt, or the fry will be attacked by fungus.

Contributed by (no name given)

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