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Haplochromis/Pundamilia nyererei
Nyerere Hap

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Photos & Comments

nyererei1.jpg (19kb)
Photo Credit: Owen Thistle

Name: Pundamilia nyererei
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Lake Victoria (Africa)
13 cm 200 L 8.2 28C


There's no mistaking when this Lake Victoria cichlid is ready to spawn - his underside turns black as ink and the blues and reds on his body and fins become vibrant. My male is very defensive but usually isn't the antagonist in any territorial duels. I've found these fish to be a colourful and compatible addition to my tank, which contains a variety of African cichlids. There are many geographical variants of Pundamilia nyererei; my best guess is that mine is from Igombe Island but I would welcome any second opinions. My pair has bred successfully several times and I'm ready to rescue and raise the next brood.

Contributed by Owen Thistle

Watch out when putting nyererei with other haplochromines; they are very antagonistic. Also, they will hybridize easily with other Victorians. Try to find an amelanistic nyererei in your area, they are the coolest.

Contributed by Alan

This looks like a Haplochromis sp. "flameback" and not a Pundamilia nyererei.

Contributed by Kevin Bauman

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