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Baryancistrus sp. (?)
Gold Nugget Pleco (L18)

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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

My wife and I have had our nugget just over two years, and it's doing great! I don't know how territorial plecos are, but when we added other plecs like a Queen, Gray leopard, Para, and another one I can't remember its plate number, they all died. I remember introducing the beautiful grey leopard into the tank, and watching the nugget attack it mercilessly. I thought, Damn there went twenty bucks! Anyway, it is the only one I have left in a 250 liter, soft water tank. I do peat installments through my filters, and use 100% R/O water; and he has lived through three completely different aquariums, so I feel like he's a pretty hardy pleco. The pH stays around 6.5 - 6.7. Also, we love to watch it gobble up blackworms like a vacuum cleaner, but don't forget the romaine lettuce, ours really enjoys both of these.

Contributed by Mike Shearer

The golden nugget is one of the most interesting plecos that I have come across. They are very hard to keep and require a high quality of water. Unfortunately I have seen an increase in the number of these fish in bad condition being sold. When they are imported, the starving process causes the fish's stomach to shrink and a concave effect can be seen on the underbelly of the fish. However the Golden Nugget is a stunning fish and I can understand the attraction of owning one. My best advice to any keen purchaser is to watch the fish’s behaviour in the tank that you are buying it from for a good 15-20 minutes, if the fish is feeding you will stand a better chance of the fish carrying this on in your tank.

Contributed by Alistair Awcock

All these remarks about gold nugget plecostomus are pretty accurate. They don't like to have their aquarium moved or changed too much, they like a bit of driftwood and ample hiding places, but can live a long time in the aquarium if you don't mess with them too much. Also, while the different species sold under the name Gold Nugget plecostomus tend to eat some meat and other detritus on the aquarium floor, I have had a couple that were extremely good at cleaning algae from the sides of the tank, given their small size. So, give them lots of filtration, don't make drastic changes in the tank, don't let the tank get too acidic (or they'll get fin rot), and let them acclimate for a good while by floating the bag when you get them home. Observe these rules and gold nuggets can be quite hardy, and are certainly more beautiful to look at and easier to manage at 10-13 cm than the more common, cheaper species that need 400 L tanks when they mature because they can get 60 cm long.

Contributed by Christopher Croom

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