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Labeo chrysophekadion
Black Shark, Giant Black Sharkminnow

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Photo Credit: Richard Brown

Name: Labeo chrysophekadion
Origin: Southeast Asia

Size Tank pH Temp
60 cm 800 L 7.5 27C


I have a black shark and he is about 24 cm. I notice that he got big really fast. I had to get a different tank and a bigger tank for him. He is a semi aggressive fish and I have noticed that he likes having control of the other fish. He likes to chase the other fish and likes to poke at them. I don't think that he wants to hurt them but wants them to know that he is in charge of the tank. I was told that they can get up to about 50 cm. I wouldn't suggest to put them with any thing other then semi aggressive fish. They are really nice to watch.

Contributed by Christy

I had a black shark that got about 50 cm and was beautiful. He shared the tank well with angels and bala sharks. We found him to be very docile, and fun to watch.

Contributed by J. Turner

We have a Black Shark that we purchased at a local pet store for 'fish of the month' price. When we went to go back and get a second one, we found out that they were really $6.99 a piece. He is about 6 cm, and loves our 75 liter community tank. He shares it with a variety of tetra's, weather loaches, 3 Kuhli loaches, cory's, and danio's. We decided to try hand feeding the fish, after reading an article that weather loaches loved to play and swim through your hands, tried it. One of the first fish to come up was the black shark. Talk about amazement. He seems real timid, and won't come out to eat when the other fish are eating, unless he is being hand fed.

Contributed by Cristy Roach

The Black Shark is one of the river fish species that you can find in the west coast rivers in Malaysia. However, due to the out of control fishing activity in that area, it is now one of the species of fish that is facing extiction in the area. The Black Shark is a very beautiful fish, it has a very equal black body colour. Besides that, the gentle and refined swimming action is also one of the most attractive to me. I wish the people in my country would try to preserve this species of fish and it would be lucky because Malaysia is really the best place to reproduce for the Black Shark.

Contributed by William

As much as I love the look of my Black Shark, mine is a killer at heart. Hes killed over two hundred dollars worth of fish, from Angels to Red Tail Sharks. He even murdered a Pictus Cat. So now I have stopped trying to add fish and he sits in his tank alone bossing snails around.

Contributed by D. Patching

I have owned a Black Shark for over a year now. Make certain that you give this fish a large tank since the fish does grow very rapidly. When I purchased him he was only 8 cm long. Right now the Black Shark is 18 cm long. My Black Shark is very aggressive, and he will bully almost all fish smaller than him and some that are larger than him. I have a plecostomus that is 28 cm long and he will attack it if it moves into the wrong territory. I have lost many fish from the black shark. Right now he is in his own tank with a Kissing Gourami. Seems to be the only fish he gets along with in my tank. I do recommend placing driftwood and plants in the tank to give the fish a place to hide and mark as his own territory. The other fish in the tank will know where not to go once the Black Shark has established his home. The Black Shark is a beautiful fish to watch, just be cautions of what species you place them with.

Contributed by Aaron Karlin

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