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Yasuhikotakia morleti
Hora's Loach, Skunk Loach

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I have had one of these fish for about 3 months. Even though he's the smallest fish in my tank, he's the most aggressive. Very active and inquisitive. Don't know if I'll keep him or not. As he gets older, the degree of his aggressiveness may also get worse. I'll just have to keep an eye on him.

Contributed by Dan

I bought 2 skunk loaches to join my fish family of 1 parrot, 3 large Bala's, 1 Brichardi, 2 Clown Loaches, 1 red-tailed Black Shark and 2 Rainbows. The skunks chewed-up everyone's fins. They're cute but mean. I put them now with my African cichlids. So far so good...

Contributed by Tina

These little guys are great. They are also some of the hardiest fish I have or have heard of. I say this becasue a while back I moved my tank, and one of the little devils hid inside a piece of drift wood. I placed the drift wood in a cardboard box and checked thoroughly, but couldn't see any snails or fish. Anyway, after 2 hours I was already moving my drift wood in, and as I lifted I saw a pathetic, crusty fish who I had to peel off the bottom of the box. As you can imagine I was pretty upset, but I put him in my temporary tank with the rest of my fish who I was moving, I held him there and gently swayed him back and forth. He was in rough shape, dry, mucus membrane on one side riped off. but after about 2 minutes of being under water the air came out of him, he started breathing. He turned around and bit me and then took off. It is 6 months later and he is fine.

Contributed by Levi

I had a skunk loach about two years ago and had to give it back to the pet store. I was looking for a good bottom feeder to put in my 280 L community tank and they said it would be great. Well after a few days he had chewed all the fins off all my fish from silver dollars to cori cats. I would suggest a slightly agressive tank for this loach.

Contributed by Yvette Hobbs

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