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Yasuhikotakia morleti
Hora's Loach, Skunk Loach

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The skunk botia is a great fish. It likes to eat snails, pellets, flakes etc. When owning this fish, please have live plants (or fake) with rocks and places to hide. They are most active at night, since they are nocturnal fish. They go with tetras and cories very well. Sometimes they tend to nip fish that are slow with big fins. I love my skunk botia a lot, he is a joy to watch and a great community fish!

Contributed by Eric Brush

We had these guys at a pet store I used to work at. Six of them were placed in the small angel tank - and they killed every angelfish! They were then moved into a tank with 5 cm bala sharks. Same story - the striped raphael cats were not bothered. In the end, these loaches were placed in an African cichlid tank - and they all survived. Be cautious with tank mates! These guys did seem to like being in groups.

Contributed by Taratron

Very rare and hard to get in Bangladesh, my country. I bought two once. They are quite hardy. They like to hide in caves or small outlets inside the tank during daytime. At night this fish is quite adventurous, poking around new objects in the tank. Eats food from the bottom. Extremely fond of redworms. Mine didn't grow much in size, stayed about 2.5 cm for two years. Nice fish to have in a community tank.

Contributed by Moin Mahmood

I have a pair of morleti in a 166 liter with rainbows, an angel, an RTBS, striatas, a modesta, upside-down cats and a bristlenose. The skunks (Pepe and LePew) are rather shy compared to my striata. They are delightful and rather comical when hungry or interacting with other species. One skunk follows my angel. Sometimes, my angel will even stand still while it checks her out from head to tail and back down the other side! The other skunk is often the roommate of the modesta. It is the only one allowed inside the castle with the modesta, much to the dismay of my RTBS. They love all types of food (flake, pellets, Tabimin, tubifex) and especially relish live snails! They scoop them right out of the shell with their peculiar snouts. A very amusing and wonderful fish to have. I believe it to be much maligned by those who say the morleti are too aggressive - I have not seen any thing to support this.

Contributed by a visitor

These little guys are awesome bundles of personality. Their behavior is very similar to that of the clown loach, but be careful as they can be quite agressive and are best suited for a species tank. It is a hardy loach that remains hidden for most of the day and emerges at night to feed. Some of their favorite foods consist of blackworms, brineshrimp, bloodworms and shrimp pellets. This fish should be provided with a sandy substrate and many hiding places.

Contributed by Tom Zoutis

I bought these fishes to control the snail problem I was having in my tank. I have tried chemicals in the past, it didn't work! These fishes are not much to look at but they sure did eat up all the snails. Also they like to hide between crevices and nooks, you hardly even see them!

Contributed by Emil

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