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Yasuhikotakia morleti
Hora's Loach, Skunk Loach

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Photo Credit: Mark Myszkewicz

I bought 2 skunk loaches about 4-5 months ago and they have been in my tank ever since. They seem rather shy and nocturnal, but they're definitely playful with each other. Fun to watch them chase each other when they do come out to play. I'd recommend this loach to any loach enthusiast.

Contributed by a visitor

I got 2 of these to control the snails in my 225 L tank. While the snail population has dropped dramatically, I found them VERY aggressive, particularly towards my poor cories. But then I bought a Flying Fox, and suddenly the pecking order has changed - the Fox picks on the loaches, and they've stopped picking on anyone else! When they are in hiding, it's really cute to see little bristly noses peeking out of the holes in my driftwood. I would definitely recommend these guys for severe snail problems, but they do need to be kept with fish who can stand up to them if necessary.

Contributed by Lisa

I have eight skunk loaches in my 1300 L tank along with two ghost Knives, two Butterflies and a bunch of other fish. They are really cool fish to keep and are not all that aggressive to others of their own kind, but will sometimes get slightly territorial. I love this fish and will probably always have some in my tank. But remember to keep lots of hiding spaces. Mine like to move around during the brightest times of the day, and hide in caves or holes at night.

Contributed by Dave D.

I have two small skunks and they are quite fun to watch. They appear to be quite frantic little blighters. They have taken residence under the log in my tank with my 5 kuhli loaches, they appear mainly peaceful, but I have watched them once or twice chasing and herding Neons and Glowlights. The other surprising thing is that my Kribs appear to ignore them. Whereas the Kribs chase other fish out of their nook, the Skunks can go in there freely. Very fun little fellows.

Contributed by Andrew Baird

I'm a large fan of loaches of all kinds and rarely pass up an opportunity to buy a new or outstanding specimen. Recently I purchased a rather small (3 cm) skunk botia and introduced him to a 415 L South Asian community tank. He lives there with six other loaches, various barbs, gouramis, and others plus 3 young wayward kribensis (rescued from another tank). Even though this little skunk is one of the smallest fish in the tank, he certainly has one of the toughest attitudes. He has paired up with an orangefin loach more than five times his size, who is usually the bully of the tank. The two live in the largest cave and are especially active in the evenings and during feedings. The skunk loves algae tablets and shrimp pellets, but will eat just about anything that falls to the bottom, including brine shrimp. I don't often see him around, but when I do he is always active, plucky and entertaining. I'm glad to have him in my tank. Some specs: 415 L; mixed pea-size, fine and super-fine gravel substrate; 26-27C; stabilized pH 7.0; well planted and lots of caves and tunnels (I've found that some botias love to cuddle up in tunnels).

Contributed by Hans Veenendaal

Skunk loaches are funny little guys to have in your aquarium, but they are not as innocent as their cousin the Clown Loach. Skunk loaches seem to just be curious as they dart around the tank in the daytime, but beware! They are checking out who has the tastiest eyeballs! Yep, don't mix them with small tetras or you may begin to wonder why everyone is swimming around with pirate eyepatches on. Skunk loaches are more carnivorous than Clowns or YoYo Loaches, and besides flake food, really appreciate a meal of live worms. If you have a snail infestation, these are the guys that will clean it up for you. Not aggressive, just hungry!

Contributed by Reva Gray

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