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Monodactylus argenteus
Mono, Fingerfish

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Photo Credit: E. T. Lee

I have always had a community tank full of African Cichlids. My goal was to create a tank with active, aggressive, low maintenance, colorful fish but of course with Africans only 1 male will color up while the rest remain dull because they are subdominant. I recently decided to try my luck with south American Cichlids and I purchased a huge Green Terror (this was after I got rid of all my Africans, save the Catfishes). He of course kept the rest of my fish hiding which was my greatest fear but then I bought some Mono's to throw into the mix and wow!, what a difference, the guy who sold them to me said they would be plenty active, he sure was right about that. I bought 3, he said that my Green Terror might beat up on them unless I had them in at least a group of 3. The funny thing is that it's them who beat up on the Green Terror but what is really cool is that he is so busy worrying about them that the other fish have time to come out and swim around a bit too. It´s worked out great I highly recommend getting some Mono's, they are perfect if you´re looking for an active colorful fish.

Contributed by Christopher Kirkland

I have an 8 cm mono and it is the coolest. It got too big for the tank I had it in first, so I had to move it to my brother's 450 L african cichlid tank. The little cichlids at first tried to chase the mono, but gave up when they found out how fast the mono was. Mine can get from one end of the 2 meter tank to the other in about 2 seconds not trying its hardest. I think that monos are a great fish to keep.

Contributed by Allen Moscon

I have had my four Mono Sebaes for almost four months now and they are the best fish I have had. I have a lot of driftwood in the 280 L tank they are in and they all graze on the algae on the wood. During the day they seem to like a lot of water movement so I have a Penguin 400 and a Magnum 250 that make a good current. I also have gotten a large growth spurt out of them by changing the salinity to around 1.016 and back down to 1.012. They grew about a 1 cm in less than 80 days.

Contributed by Alex Walker

I have a 500 L marine FOWLR tank, set up for 1 year. I added 2 Mono Argenteus to the tank. These are the (hopefully) last additions. I did have 3 damsels in tank, but they were tearing the Monos to shreds when these were added. So far the Monos are not aggressive toward any occupants. Specific gravity is kept at 1.24 and pH between 8.0-8.5. They are very fast clearing the 120 cm in mere seconds. I was worried though, as I did not purchase these 2 together but separate by about a week, and they are different in size. They are hard to come by in my town. First added is 8 cm round body (except fins) and 2nd is quarter size. I was warned of aggression...there was none but they do something very interesting. They face each other and do this wierd type of bow towards each other. They then swim in opposite directions and do this bow again. Truly fascinating fish that I hope attain their adult size and live a long healthy life. Just wish there was more info about them as marine fish.

Contributed by Sherry Noss

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