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Photo Credit: Dusko Bojic

Mollies! Gotta love them! One of the friendliest fish around, besides being beautiful & fun to watch. I recently had to move my mollies to a bigger tank, seeing as my marble had babies :) So as of now, I have one black and one marble molly (not to mention the 4 marble babies), 2 balloon goldust mollies, one black lyretail & one silver lyretail. I also have a beautiful black & blue betta living with them. I've decided to make this tank slightly brackish, as it keeps the mollies healthier, and wards of fungus eruptions. (I'm sure you've all had to deal with fungus at one time or another!). Concerning fungus with mollies, I'd like to share a non-medicinal way to combat it. I've found that if you raise the temperature of the tank for a few hours, (from the normal 27C to about 29-31C), it clears it up. But, of course, you have to catch it in time. I'll soon be adding a gold sailfin molly, as well as a chocolate lyretail. These fish are just too beautiful to pass up! It's become an addiction!! :)

Contributed by Cyndre Forester

A Dalmation Molly was my very first fish. Mine was much like the last comment. The pet store owner told us it was a female and ready to give birth in about a month. We took it home to our 40 L Molly tank, and the next morning when I went to feed there were 12 other little ones floating at the top, eating like crazy. I quickly netted them and put them in a small breeder. They grew to be very big and lasted about two years. Mollies are great fish and I recommend them to all beginner aquarists.

Contributed by Rick Ressler

I just got a tank, and I choose Balloon Mollies for my first fish because of their colorfulness and their playfulness. I already have a mating pair, and a set of babies. I was so excited! I think that I am going to stick with these balloon mollies for a while.

Contributed by Mike Fields

I have been researching Mollies and think you would like to know that the cultivated Black Molly is quite suceptible to disease, because by changing the shape and colours of a fish, other invisible characteristics are changed as well and can negatively affect the hardiness of the animals. The Pointed-Mouth Molly is quite easy to look after and is an undemanding species. These 2 Mollies grow from 8-12 cm. Their water pH should be from 7.5-8.5, they need medium hard to hard water, should be kept at 20-28C for Pointed-Mouth Molly and 26-29C for the "Black Molly".

Contributed by Adam Schrieber

I just had 2 Black Molly fry born. The mother recently seemed very frightened hiding behind heaters and powerheads. As soon as the two were born however, she has become excited and seems happy again. Im very glad. She seems to be doing OK witb the fry, she hasnt bothered them one bit. They are in a 130 L tank with another Blue-Eyed tetra. Everything is looking great!

Contributed by Kent Ickler

I have a pair of Silver Lyretail Mollies. They are always together, seem to be playing all the time, The only complaint I have is they can make my water changes and vacuuming a real task, you have to keep moving or they will either go for your fingers or try to swim into the vacuum tube. It can be a lot of fun, but you have to be ready to stop the siphon really quick.

Contributed by (no name given)

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