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Corydoras melanistius
Black Sail Cory Cat

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Photos & Comments

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Photo Credit: Alex Wise (Jacko)

I have had my cory for a year now and originally got a few but the others died in transit. These cories are very active, fairly personable (not as much as pandas or pygmies, personal opinion though) and do well in groups. I feed mine shrimp pellets, bloodworms, tubifex worms and the occasional shelled pea. I keep mine in a 140 L aquarium with sand substrate, pH 7.0 and a temperature around 27C.

Contributed by Alex Wise (Jacko)

This is one of my favorite Corydoras Catfish. Even though I bought two of them at the time, one died the following day. I have 8 other corydoras, and the unique thing about this one is that he doesn't get "fat" like the others. My emerald and albino cories seem to gorge themselves whenever possible, yet my Corydoras melanistius is one slim and trim fish. He also notably inhabits the upper part of the aquarium, whereas all the other cories only go into the upper half if on a trip for air at the surface.

Contributed by David Drake

I have two of these little guys in my community tank along with two albino, two bronze and two peppered. They are great additions to any tank and my 'little team' are great at cleaning up all my others' mess! I have found that although they will all hang out together, my two black sails will sneak off together and play! Brilliant fish, highly recommended.

Contributed by Roxanne King

My blacksail are just the sweetie cuties that I have. I have four of them along with other catfish. They are very playful and entertaining to look at. They like fast flowing water to swim about in. I also provide caves for them so that they can sleep and hide. They like the dark. I fed them flakes, koi sticks and pellets. If they don't get enough food at the bottom of the tank they go up to the top to feed. I highly recommend these fish. they are the sweetest!

Contributed by Aanusha

We obtained two black sail Corys that were wild caught for our upstairs tank - setting it up according to your website's recommendations. Heavily planted, pebble bottom, with current. Has Platys and a Betta. They all co-exist peacefully and the wild caught Black Sail Corys are doing extremely well. We find them to be great community fish, hardy, active, fun to watch and they seem to like larger areas for swimming at the bottom as well as cover areas that are planted.

Contributed by Fishers

I have two Black Sail Cory's with my Bronze Cory, 2 Albino Cory's, my Panda Cory, my Beta and 3 Glass Catfish. The Black Sails don't seem as active as my Albino Cory's, but they are all constantly moving. This is one of my favorite tanks to watch, as the Cory's are always bumping into each other, or laying on top of each other, but never fighting. The Albino's seem to kind of stay together on their own, but the rest are usually all together under a bridge I have in the tank. I love these guys.

Contributed by Patricia Rexrode

I have 3 of these in a 110 litre heavily planted tank along with 3 Corydoras schwartzi, a rainbow shark, 3 pairs of gouramis (thick lip, moonlight and blue opaline) and a common plecostomus. The sails are not as active as the schwartzi but do display the usual cory trait of prefering to be in a group. Although they will eat any food that drops to the bottom of the tank, they should also be fed catfish pellets a couple of times a week. Their favourite food (also the schwartzi's) appears to be frozen bloodworm.

Contributed by Alan Ball

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