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Pseudotropheus lombardoi

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Pseudotropheus_lombardoi_3.jpg (22kb)
Photo Credit: Greg Authier

Name: Pseudotropheus lombardoi
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Lake Malawi (Africa)
13 cm 100 L 8.1 27C


I absolutely love this fish! The males display a wonderful solid gold/yellow color when they get mature. Some people like the females better. These are highly aggressive, much like a Ps. zebra or even Melanochromis species! Mine do fine in a 200 liter with Electric Yellow Labs, Ps. socolofi, Ps. zebra, and M. johannii. Care and breeding requirements are the same as most Mbuna. I wouldn't go lower than a 200 liters for these. They are highly territorial. You might get away with a 110 liter. These are a great fish to put in your Lake Malawi Mbuna tank!

Contributed by Erik James

Kennyi are gorgeous fish to keep, male or female. The females are a white/silvery blueish color with black, vertical stripes. The males are yellowish-orange. The females that I have kept have been rather submissive and shy and tended to keep close to one another. They definitely weren't the "badboys" of the tank as someone put it, but they are slightly more sensitive to either nitrate or nitrite levels, so watch it.

Contributed by Raina

I have a pair of Kennyi in my African Cichlid tank. The male is yellow with black stripes and the female is blue with dark blue stripes. Currently they are 13 cm long and get along wonderfully with my pair of Lemon Yellow Labs. The male is slightly aggressive towards the female but not enough to endanger her life. They are a beautiful fish and a nice addition to any African tank.

Contributed by (no name given)

Kennyi (Pseudotropheus lombardoi) are very good cichlids to keep in your first Malawi setup. They work pretty well with each other, and are not overly agressive towards other fish. I kept some in a 140 liter tank with some Indonesian fish, and look forward to keeping them again some time in the future.

Contributed by Eric B

We have 3 in our 200 liter tank, along with several other types of Malawi and 1 Frontosa, as well as Convicts and Puffers. We had 4 but the dominant male killed the other male. It is best to have at least 2 females to 1 male. One female is currently brooding as well as are Socolofi. We also have about 22 baby Black Convicts from our original pair. We have had much luck with breeding after we installed our Proaquatics filter. This reduced the death rate as well as not having to change the water so much. As far as their diet, they will eat almost anything from flakes to pellets to snails, shrimp, raw ground meat, just about anything edible you put in the tank.

Contributed by Brian Stroud

This is by far my favorite Mbuna. Mine is a male and quite vicious. He is in his own species tank now. I love him dearly and enjoy watching his activity. I truly believe he should not be mixed with more timid cichlids, for he will have a great time wearing them down. Definitely not for the weak at heart.

Contributed by Paul Young

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