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Botia lohachata/almorhae
Pakistani Loach, YoYo Loach

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Photo Credit: Samantha Adamowicz

I had one of these loaches until I sold him and the tank he was in to a friend. They are very lively and will use all parts of the tank although they do most of their feeding off the bottom. They have good personality and are quite entertaining, but be warned, they can be quite aggressive to some slower moving fish. He chased all my Corys out of the tank after he had nipped all their fins down to virtually nothing. He especially liked to torment the slowest/largest Cory and would nip his fin relentlessly all day long. Then after selling him to my friend he killed a betta that my friend put in the tank. So be careful what types of fish you try to mix with them.

Contributed by Jesse

I have 3 tanks 110, 40 and 20 liter and in each of them I have yo-yo's. In my 110 liter I have 2 and in the 40 and 20 liters I have 1. Since I'm a big fan of having plants and with plants you'll end up with snails I find the yo-yo's as a perfect way to keep the snail population under control. Having some snails is useful as they will stir up the substrate, but too many is a problem. In the 110 gallon tank the 2 will chase each other around, but it doesn't turn into anything serious. In the 40 and 20 liter tank the yo-yo's will hide in the driftwood. They are quite cute in their ability to squeeze into small spaces. The one in the 40 liter tank squeezes into a verticle hole in a piece of driftwood. Besides snails they will eat anything I give and I notice when I feed the occasional algae tablet they make a clicking noise.

Contributed by Todd Fong

My yoyo was the oldest and largest of my fish, reaching 11 cm after 18 months, before managing to jump out the back of my tank through a small hole last week! The holes are now taped up but it's too late for the yoyo. He was a real character and will be sadly missed. He didn't bother any of the other fish, except the small zebra loaches that I added to keep him company. Will definitely be hoping to find another couple of specimens like him.

Contributed by Chris Mitchell

I bought two of these (yoyo) loaches in 1994 when I was living in an apartment. My then newborn son loved watching them play, my son is now ten years old and we moved into our house years ago, he still enjoys one of these very same loaches! the other one died a few years ago, but the sole survivor is over 10 years old. I also had a single clown loach that lived nearly ten years in the same tank, the clown grew to be much larger than the yoyo loaches.

Contributed by John Bird

I have found this fish to be a nuisance. From the moment I put him in he chased and stressed all of my other fish, including my pictus cat and lace gourami. After days of serious torment I decided to return him to the same shop from which he hailed, who also failed to tell me what a diffucult fish this can be. Thankfully the occupants of my tank fully recovered from their nightmare, although my pictus was never the same again.

Contributed by Disco Stu

I brought a couple of these loaches to clear snails in my tank. They cleaned out the snails in one week. I absolutely love them, they are a treat to watch. Trying to catch them in a planted tank is fun. I have a spare power filter in my tank which runs very occasionally and I sometimes find one of them inside the outlet of filter. Now I have to count them before I run the filter

Contributed by Sandeep Raghuvanshi

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