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Botia lohachata/almorhae
Pakistani Loach, YoYo Loach

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Photo Credit: Eugene Kornienko

The yoyo loach is the only fish I've found that actually will eat my snails. I had a very nasty infestation and after adding 2 gourami's and a clown loach, NONE of which ate any snails at all, I was getting desperate. I have a 200 L tank and clearing the snails was becoming a huge problem. My mother-in-law suggested a yoyo, she'd gotten one and it worked for her, so I tried it. He's terrific! Cleared the snails all by himself! He was a very good addition to my community tank, which includes guppies, platies, mollys and a huge pleco.

Contributed by Kat

I just recently purchased a yoyo loach and he's quite the character. He is constantly searching for something to eat and he loves to sleep in the holder for the tank heater. I thought he was dead when I saw him hanging out of the holder, but when I put food in for all the fish he came swimming to the top of the tank and proceeded to have a very hearty supper. A great fish to watch.

Contributed by Heather Scott

I just brought 2 Pakistani loach for my community aquarium. They are brilliant! Straight away they were investigating my Kuhli loach hideout, and were roaming the tank. Like others said they are extremely playful, and like to sleep on their side! They were taking blood-worm from my hand on their first feed. They seem to scavenge about the tank too, sucking up any food they can find. To relieve my Kuhli's of them I have now made them a similar hideout too from half a flower pot, which, like everything else, they have taken a liking to! I strongly recommend this fish.

Contributed by Ben Rhodes

I have two Yo Yo's that were purchased at less than 3 cm and have at least doubled their size in a month. These guys are the most active eaters I've ever seen. They search for food 24/7, will eat everything (they even peck at my cichlids) and have even figured out how to topfeed. I thought it was cool at first, but it is really a pain because they eat all the food before any of the more reclusive bottom-feeders can get to it. A seemingly super hardy fish, would probably be a good choice for beginners.

Contributed by Brian

I have 2 Yo Yo's in a 570 liter community tank with barbs, tetras, clowns, catfish, sharks and angels. They are always active and great to watch, but seem to get either aggressive or over playful at feeding time. They spend more time nibbling at other fish than the food, particularly the two big angels.

Contributed by Jon Scott

I just now finally caught this thing and got him out of my tank today. The week I put him in, he started eating plant leaves. Despite putting in sinking food, he demolished 5 stalks of willow hygrophila, and just takes small chunks out of everything else. I could see and hear him ripping apart leaves. That got annoying so I had to find a new home for him. This was the only bad thing though, he was peaceful with other fish, and caused no other problems.

Contributed by a visitor

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