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Botia lohachata/almorhae
Pakistani Loach, YoYo Loach

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lohachata1.jpg (30kb)
Photo Credit: Owen Thistle

Name: Botia lohachata/almorhae
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: India to Bangladesh
10 cm 100 L 6.8 28C


If you look carefully you can see the letters YoYo along the side of this loach. Botia lohachata originates from India and Pakistan. It is a very effective scavenger and a very active fish. I have four YoYo's in my cichlid tank. They get along fine with each other and with the other other residents, and do more than their share of cleaning. As far as I can see they will eat just about anything including small live fish, given the opportunity.

Contributed by Owen Thistle

I have 4 of these and they are always together. Even though sometimes they chase each other, it never get serious and they eat everything they can find. They also live a long time, I heard of people that had them for 10 years.

Contributed by Anthony

These lovely little loaches are a great addition to any tank, I have one that lives with my other 8 clown loaches and they all get along rather well. They are bottom feeders, so you will need to supply food that sinks, although they will tend to go to the surface for food. Active during the morning, but at night they love to hide, so supply plenty of hiding places for them. The colour on them can vary depending on the mood. When scared they become pale and light, but when healthy they are a black and silvery/white. Sensitive to water conditions, so if you have these little ones, do regular water changes. Definitely recommended for the more experienced aquarists.

Contributed by Trieu Le

I have recently added a YoYo to my tank of barbs (Tiger, Gold, Cherry) and cardinals. At first he was very timid, and hid underneath some driftwood. A few days later, however, and he has taken to terrorizing my tiger barbs by eating at their tails. He tends to cruise the tank, looking for a sleeping victim upon whom he can munch. I've been a bit surprised at this aggressive behavior, but I guess it's not too uncommon for loaches to be aggressive. Be prepared for this possibility with the YoYo as well.

Contributed by Kevin Sheller

I have several of these guys, they are the most playful fish I have ever owned! I had one that would "tickle" the big goldfish, swimming alongside and in front of him, wiggling. They like to hang out with the weather loaches, as well as each other.

Contributed by Debbie Stevens

My Yo Yo loach is a great fish! As already posted, they're very freindly and active fish and lots of fun to watch. Word to the wise though, mine jumped out of the tank last night! I found it in the mouth of my dog! Much to my astonishment, he seems to have survived unscathed. It's been twelve hours and he's still swimming and eating. WHEW! Anyways, might be a good idea to make sure the hood is always closed.

Contributed by Debbie Stevens

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