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Nimbochromis livingstonii
Livingston's Hap

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This guy is definitely the alpha male of my african ciclid tank. He has grown half his size since I got him about a year ago. He is vicious and swims about, protecting the females and establishing his rank as the king of the tank. It is very interesting to see how these fish behave. They are very much like wolves in the wild. I've noticed that there's a pecking order in the tank and the fish that wander about on the surface and on the bottom seem to rank lowest in the scheme of things.

Contributed by a visitor

I keep 10 N. livingstoni in a 1000 L cichlid tank with other Haps and Peacocks. They are a mixed lot with male and females together. They breed about once every month and all school together. I have no problem with aggression and they tolerate their tank mates very well.

Contributed by Oliver Giesler

I bought several mixed cichlids when I initially got into keeping them, not really knowing one from the other. One of those was a Livingstonii, although I didn't know it at the time. My wife named him Spot, for obvious reasons. He was very small and timid around the Zebras and Yellow Labs, although they were all around the same size. I have since added a few other fish, including Bumblebees, of which the male has since become the tank's Alpha-male. All of a sudden, the Livingstonii went from about 7 cm to well over 13 cm. He has also gotten aggressive, and competes with the largest bumblebee for dominance. They are a different shape than the Zebras, having a very elongated shape. The bumblebee is thicker and just as long, but the Livingstonii seems to be growing in length more than the others. He has recently developed more pronounced orange tips on his fins. After about 2 and a half years, he has reached about half his potential size. Glad I am getting a bigger tank!

Contributed by Kevin Martin

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