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Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis
Lemon Tetra

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I started my first tank about 8 months ago. I started off with 2 lemon tetras and a few other types of fish. I bought a large natural gravel and an undergravel filter. Twice in the past 2 months I've found about 10 baby lemon tetras and they have all survived. They have been growing really fast, and their colors are much deeper than their parents. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with how there fed during the beginning stages. This gave me the confidence to try to move to the next step. This little miracle has moved me from a fish haver to exploring to be a fish keeper. From now on I will give all my credit to these fish, and recommend them to all beginners.

Contributed by Patrick

I have 4 pairs of Lemon Tetras. Initially, they used to swim together in a group, but now they have acclimatized to the tank and do not move in a group. The best part about this fish is the red eyebrows. Looks wonderful...

Contributed by Atul Kamat

Lemon tetras are a very bright and spectacular community fish. I had 5 for about 2 years in a 350 litre tank mixed with Discus, Black Phantom tetras, Albino Cory's, Striped Raphael Cat and a Bristle-nose Pleco. The Lemon's were spectacular even amongst the brilliantly colored Discus. Temperature 28C, pH 6.5, with only a touch of Blackwater extract. Not overly active which made them very compatible with the Discus.

Contributed by B Dixon

I have some Lemons and I have to say they are my favorite tetra! I've kept Rummy-Noses, Glow-Lights, Cardinals and Neons at different times throughout the years, but the Lemons have to be the prettiest and most interesting. They're peaceful and active. I would definitely recommend them to any freshwater enthusiast.

Contributed by Valeen Gonzalez

Lemon tetras are always one of my favorite fish. I had a pair that would spawn in the early morning sun glistening in the tank (75 L) all the time. Well planted and was a community affair. Once they scattered eggs, all the others would feast. I'll be getting 7 or more tomorrow...

Contributed by Kevin Brislawn

These fish are great. I have had mine for years. They have lived through a few devastating diseases and 2 moves. Currently they are only outlived by my 25 cm pleco. While they are showing signs of age, they still have a great yellow color. Also they have never nipped another fish to my knowledge (including betta, angel, butterfly and other long finned fish in tank). There is nothing bad to say about this fish.

Contributed by Dustin

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