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Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis
Lemon Tetra

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I have recently added seven Lemon Tetras to a 150 L which included Julii Corys, Striated Loaches, and Serpae Tetras. They seem to exhibit a classic schooling behavior, grouping together to swim around the planted areas of the the tank as if they might be scattering eggs. But I have not been able to verify any true spawning. They are a delightful addition to any one who has room for a sizeable batch of them. Their colors seem to become more brilliant as they become more accustomed to their enviroment.

Contributed byWilliam Mann

I recently purchased 6 Lemon Tetras for my 60 litre aquarium. I went into my local aquatics store to purchase some cardinals; but these beautiful little fish caught my eye. I adore the black and yellow coloration's that come with these fish. I also have 2 Leopard Catfish, 3 Black Widows, 3 Peppered Catfish, 3 Harlequin Rasboras, 3 Guppies (1 Male & 2 Females), 1 Opaline Gourami & 7 Neon Tetras. I have to say, of all of the Tetra Family, the Lemons are my favourite. There seems to be one dominant male Lemon which guides the others. It's actually fascinating to watch. I've only been doing my hobby for 9 months.

Contributed byPaul Brooks

This fish is good in schools. The males' little dances look really cool. They spike up all their tails and kinda wriggle and they look really bright. When buying these fish, pay special attention to the fish you get. Sometimes they might keep albino lemons in the same tank and they are inferior. They lack the bright colours and the solid yellow tails and are replaced with a white dull colour.

Contributed byDuffman

I have 3 female Lemon Tetras in a 40 liter tank with 2 Serpaes and 3 Chinese Barbs and they get along wonderfully - most of the time. The barbs do get bitten, but not much. Lemons, Barbs and Serpaes are all about 4 cm long right now.

Contributed byJohn Greene

I had a male and a female but the pH got to low and the male died. I had owned these fish for a very long time and the female is still growing. This little tetra is in a 140 liter tank with Silver Dollars and other fish about 5-10 cm long. The pH should be around 6.8 to keep them happy.

Contributed byNathaniel Williams

Apart from being an extremely peaceful fish, Lemon Tetras have a very interesting personality to them altogether. If there is something of interest in the tank, the Tetras will swim up to it in formation, stopping and going cautiously. I've witnessed a smaller Lemon trying to swim ahead of the group being reprimanded by a larger female. These fish appear to think as one, and have an almost military discipline in both the dexterity and grace of their habits, and their commitment to each other. They do seem to spook very easily when they hear loud noises though.

Contributed byPablo

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