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Colisa lalia
Dwarf Gourami, Flame Gourami, Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami

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Photo Credit: Andy Isoft

The first fish I ever got was a male dwarf gourami, who I've had now for over a year. I keep him in a 150 L tank with mollies, phantom catfish, loaches and 1 large angelfish. In spite of being among the smallest fish (4 cm) he has decided he is king of the fish and terrorises anyone who comes near HIS floating plants, and has no problem chasing off my 14 cm male angelfish. I've tried aquariums all over to find him a few female companions, in the hope he would stop being such a grumpy guss but no luck - he's still tiny tyrant of the tank.

Contributed by Veronica

What a timid little fish at first! After a few days though he started to become more comfortable and began blowing bubble nests. Mine (the flame red variant) lives with a school of 7 neon tetras and while curious of them, he does not bother them. Like everybody has said, a moderately planted aquarium is essential to their sense of security. He loves to hide and seems to always be hungry.

Contributed by Jubbs

My blue dwarf gourami is one of the most peaceful fish in the aquarium. The opaline is chasing him around sometimes. They even get along with our betta and blood parrot. Both gouramies love brine shrimp, blood worms, the algae discs and blenched zucchini I give my clown loaches. It is so much fun to watch them munching on a piece zucchini in a group with the five clown loaches.

Contributed by Aniko

Dwarf Gouramies are one of my favorite fish, and are usually very peaceful. There is only one drawback that many web sites fail to mention: these fish do not get along with bettas at all! I found this out the hard way when my gouramies and betta were constantly nipping at each other's fins. The gourami eventually died (probably from stress).

Contributed by P. Paulino

Great fish! I started off with one in my 30 L tank and he was fine. But then I got a larger tank and moved him into a well planted tank. At first he was shy and I had to feed him sinking algae wafers, but now he is my favourite fish in the tank. Whenever I put my hand in he comes over to say hello, he even takes flake food out of my hand with confidence. His colours have also got brighter since being in a larger tank. Mine gets along with tiger barbs and red eye tetras, which are both supposed to be fin nippers. If one approaches, he will just flare his fins and the other fish swims away. I would definitely recommend these fish to anyone.

Contributed by Mark Harrison

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