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Labidochromis caeruleus
Electric Yellow Labido

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Photo Credit: Steve Gunn

I think this is one of the easiest fish to raise and breed. You will end up with large amounts. I have so many fry from a group of 6 (2M 4F), with only 3 of the females actually breeding, and now have over 120 fry/juveniles and constantly have to make room. Before you decide to breed them, make sure you have someone to buy them, otherwise you will have so many they will be living in your toilet! My only advise is patience and frequent water changes, and they will eventually (if not over dominated) give you a first brood, then another and another so you will have multiple tanks. This fish is definitely worth trying out. Good luck!

Contributed by Mark D'ercole

I bought 60 young Electric Yellows about 2 years ago. All these where spawned from a small colony of 7 Yellows, 2M/5F. I got them at about 3-4 cm long. Now, after almost 2 years, some are reaching 13-14 cms. As they matured in one of my grow out tanks, I split them up into two tanks when I was able to identify their sexes. I traded all my males (23) to a pet shop and purchased 12 other males from a different blood line. I ended up having 37 females and 12 males, which was extremely lucky. At about the 6-8 cm mark I introduced them into a 700 litre tank. After 2 months of doing this I recevied a first batch of fry (7) from the smallest female in the tank (which was very wierd). Within 2 weeks of this I had up to 20 females brooding at the same time. I began to milk my females off the first of each month. I get an average of 200 fry a month, which is a lot. I now have six 180 cm tanks which are raising fry to a reasonable size for sale, normally 4 cm. At the size of 4 cm I get 3-4 dollars each to pet shops/aquariums all around me. I recommend these fine fish to any young hobbyist, they are great fish to learn from.

Contributed by Adam Ruler

I have one of these and he has been through a lot. I got him four years ago along with a johannii which died when a plauge of fin rot swept through my aquarium (long story). The electric yellow has been alone in a 110 liter tank for the past couple years. It is hard to tell what he would do if I put another tankmate in. He frequently attacks the thermometer and he is also pretty shy. Overall he is a great fish and I would suggest getting a few to anyone who likes cichlids.

Contributed by Joe Piquet

I've got 5 yellows (2m, 3f) and they're going along very well. I got them only 1 month ago and I just got my first batch. The breeding female isn't an adult yet, but now she has produced 13 nice fry. I cleaned out my tank and changed the water level slightly and 2 days later my female had a few eggs in her mouth, which soon turned into babies! Set up a tank and they'll be more than happy and in weeks you'll have a lot more than you first started off with! I've got mine in a 240 litre tank and they are doing fine with other cichlids, a bristlenose and a nice sailfin. They are a peaceful cichlid and brighten up a cichlid tank.

Contributed by Dave

The electric yellow is a stunning fish which I deffinetly encourage for cichlid lovers to purchase. I have 3 females and 2 males in a 240 L tank and they have been doing just fine. I've had them for only about 3 months now and the largest female has already had two lots of fry, even though she hasn't reached her full size. They get along with all my other africans. They are a great fish with lots of personality and they add alot of colour to your tank.

Contributed by David Tyssen

I have a pair in my 450 liter tank with about 15 other Africans. These two rule the tank, with the exception of my female Kennyi! These two keep the rest of the tank very active, they must have been raised by Giant Danio’s. They add great color and character to my tank. They have even given me left and righty, albino corys that now have only one eye, hence left and righty. As of yesterday morning I have a new addition (fry) that I can confirm and I believe more on the way. I would recommend this breed of fish for any cichlid tank that needs color and a spark of character.

Contributed by Justice Daniels

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