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Pangio (Acanthophthalmus) kuhlii
Kuhli Loach, Coolie Loach

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Photo Credit: Soren Petersen

I have a 180 liter tank. I have dalmations, platies, plecos and tetras. One day I decided to buy a few real plants. Two weeks later my tank was full of snails. I didn't know what to do so I went to the pet store and asked the guy, he said there was nothing to do. On my way out I saw the cutest little fish - kuhli loaches. I decided to buy some (7) after having them a few weeks, all the snails disappeared and my kuhli loaches where very big. Now when ever I have snail problems in one of my tanks I go out and buy some more loaches.

Contributed by Jordan

I was reading about Kuhli Loaches on your site and I just had to write and say that I didn't really see anyone say how long they had their Kuhli's. I just wanted to say that I love the one I have, and he has outlived all the others over the years. I would say he is around 15 years or so old. And still seems to be going strong, and has grown to about 13 cm long. Thought you would like to know that information.

Contributed by June Howard

I have kept two Kuhli loaches in a 75 liter community tank for a couple of months now and have found they love to come out when the tank light is off, but the room light is still on. It must seem like dusk to them. During the day, they tend to hide out under the base rocks of my cave.

Contributed by Kris

I love these guys! They're so funny and wierd. Just tonight I looked in my tank and could only see 2 of my 3 black kuhli loaches. I happened to look in my filter (which is transparent) and there he was, just swimming around like nothing was wrong! I quickly returned him to the tank. Overall, these are a great fish for beginners and old-timers alike.

Contributed by Jeremy Carter

I would recommend this fish for any community tank. Not only is it cute and fun to watch, but it cleans up so well. It is able to go under your gravel so it gets stuff catfish and bottom feeders can't get to. I would buy more than one as they are more entertaining and less shy if there are more. If you buy one don't expect to see it too often.

Contributed by a visitor

I had 3 Kuhli's and found they were absolutely fascinating to watch swimming around. They add a nice diversity to your tank and have the most gorgeous markings. Mine eventually succumbed to Ich while I was away on vacation. For those of us who love to spend hours at a time watching our fish I do wish to spread some caution. These fish like to hide and you may not see them for days or even weeks. I even thought (wrongly) my little Flotsam had perished as I didn't see him anymore, even after an extensive search. I like to actually see my fish, so I will not buy them again for favour of more watchable species.

Contributed by Marsha Bullerwell

I was trying to gather info on longevity of Kuhli's and didn't see anything posted, but the two I bought seven years ago are doing fine. Both had similar markings at first but through the years one has become totally brown!

Contributed by Dan Clifford

These loaches are extremely hardy and low maintenance in an established aquarium. Twice (when I was a child, of course) I've had tank populations die off and algae wildly take over the tank. Months later while finally cleaning up these neglected murky messes, these guys were found to still be alive and quite lively. Very shocking to find any live fish still in those tanks, but a great surprise.

Contributed by Dave

The kuhli loach is one of my favourites, since their eel like shape makes them an oddity when compared to other tropical fish. The only thing I've found is if you have any ornaments in your tank and have to remove them, examine them carefully first because these fish will often hide in any crevice.

Contributed by Chris Watts

You will see these fish more if the tank is moderately to heavily planted, and if they have companions. Make sure you have some good hiding places. I have a castle which my loach lives in. Contrary to what some other people have said, these loaches do in fact eat snails, they just eat them only when they are very small. These guys are cute and amusing to watch, they make a great addition to almost any community aquarium.

Contributed by Khiara Foss

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