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Pangio (Acanthophthalmus) kuhlii
Kuhli Loach, Coolie Loach

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Photo Credit: Amir Vejsilagic

My kuhli loaches are very energetic and are constantly swimming back and forth in front of the glass and burrowing under rocks. One of them scared me one night when he darted out from under their log and smacked into the glass. He just lay there all stiff and motionless for about 20 seconds and I thought he had killed himself. Slowly his gills started moving again and his cute little mouth started opening and closing. He finally got up and swam away. I think he must have gotten knocked out, but I'm pleased to say he has fully recovered and is definately my tank favorite.

Contributed by (no name given)

They also come in black (I have 2), gold (I have 4) and albinos (although I never found any of these for sale). Definitely keep them in group, they'll be much happier.

Contributed by Camille Karfis

I have seven kuhli loaches, and I must say that they are one of the smartest fish in my tank. I have them living at the moment with two rams, seven neon tetras and four peacock gobies, and out of all of them, they are the most sensitive. Every time someone walks heavy footed into the room, they zip underneath the lava rock I had put in the tank faster than a speeding bullet. They also sense it's feeding time when I feed the other fish, even though it's still light, and expect their sinking wafer pronto.

Contributed by Matho

About 10 years ago my family decided that our large aquarium was too much work. At this point in time only 2 fish were still living: a kuhli loach and a red tailed shark (who killed every fish but the loach). We moved those two fish into a much smaller aquarium (with no water filter!). Frankly, with our track record, we didn't expect them to live longer than a year or two more, but the shark lived another 5 years and the loach is still going strong! I figure he must be 12 years old by now.

Contributed by Jenn

Not much left to say, but here is my small contribution. I have one female that is huge, it looks more like some kind of a fishy cow than a slender snake. It is hard to distinguish between females and males, the females are Ďfatterí and have a green belly, due to the color of their eggs. As for breeding, I would not recommend anyone to try, the only way to breed is to inject them with hormones. I donít know why no one had said it, but these fish just love the Amazon Sword plant, they just hide in it all day. These fish mustnít be kept with aggressive bottom dwellers, they might mistake them for worms or harm them in other ways. The kuhliís bodies are delicate, they donít have any scales. Unlike many other loaches, they do not eat snails! And donít forget about the spines they have near their eyes, be careful when handling them because these spines tend to get stuck in nets, and can be painful (all loaches have spines).

Contributed by a visitor

My husband and I bought 2 kuhli loaches 7 years ago, when we were first dating. Now they are about 8 cm long and plump! They have become a big part of our family, we love them. They are very affectionate to each other and fast. They share their home with several beautiful fancy guppies, a couple marble hatchets, a silver fox and an algae eater, they "play" with the other fish too, it's cute!

Contributed by a visitor

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