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Pangio (Acanthophthalmus) kuhlii
Kuhli Loach, Coolie Loach

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Pangio_kuhlii_4.jpg (23kb)
Photo Credit: Nathaniel & Louise

Name: Pangio kuhlii
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Southeast Asia
7 cm 40 L 7.0 28C


Kuhli loaches are a peaceful and in-expensive addition to most community tanks. This fish likes to burrow, so provide fine sand or a peat bottom. Nocturnal; feed sinking tablets or live foods at dusk. Because of their small size, they are suitable for small tanks, but do not combine with larger fishes that may consider them to be food. Their wormlike wrigglings in low-light conditions are amusing to watch.

Contributed by Lyn Fincham

Although their resemblence to snakes or eels may be a bit disconcerting at first, they quickly charm the watcher with their cartoon character faces. If there is nothing to hide or burrow under, kuhli loaches will generally cozy up together in a big knotted group.

Contributed by Lindsay Wellman

A great and very charming fish! Especially shy when first may not see them for a week at a time, especially in a sparcely planted tank. These are very hardy fish, however, and they quickly adjust, busying themselves bottom feeding industriously or swimming to and fro in the front of the tank in no time. Great for beginners, but a covered tank is a must. These little restless guys can and will end up on the floor otherwise!

Contributed by Cecilia Chen

My experience has been that they also do better in groups. I've had them in tanks by themselves, and in groups of 5 or more. They seem to enjoy having the company of others of their species around.

Contributed by Dave Frompkin

I bought 2 of these neat little guys. Unfortunately one of them found the filter intake preferable to the rock caves I made. It unfortunately got sucked in apparently and beaten by the blade. I use an Aquaclear mini system. I'm not sure how common this is but it is a precaution.

Contributed by Jason Lo

Kuhli Loaches are a resilient species that, while nocturnal, will do well at most any time of day in a high current, high activity tank. Never had a problem with them being jumpers, however they are fast swimmers and love swimming up against a downcurrent. They are also a great way to reduce the population of small snails that can quickly overrun your tank.

Contributed by Barry Smith

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