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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

I have a kissing gourami, and it keeps chasing and attacking my other fishes. I bought a pair, and apparently one got beaten up and died. I noticed that the bigger one kept chasing and biting the other one, and also he killed my other 2 fishes, a guppy and a catfish. I guess he was too emotional and couldn't resist kissing them.

Contributed by Bob

My kissing gourami did they same thing. According to other websites, this fish is pretty mellow. However, the bigger of the 3 I got, killed the other 2 as well as four goldfish that were twice its size.

Contributed by (no name given)

My father has kept kissing gouramis for as long as I can remember. He purchased a pair in 1976, 3 years after I was born, and one lived to the age of 18. I now have 3 regular kissing gouramis and 3 small 'balloon' pink kissing gouramis; the 'balloon' variety appear almost as a regular kisser except with a shorter body; it is basically a head and a tail! The kissers are my favorite fish. They have a lot of personality, and comical behaviours. They are creatures of habit and always sleep in the same places; one even sleeps atop an artificial 'palm tree' in my tank that towers over the aquarium. I also enjoy watching them methodically 'vacuum' the bottom of the tank, getting every last bit of food that has fallen.

They are territorial fish, even in my 470 liter, they are seen chasing each other, and they generally fight (kiss) during feeding. However, none of this chasing/fighting seems to have any lasting consequences, as the fish are healthy and during non-feeding hours they get along quite fine, and sometimes accompany each other around the tank. I have concluded that kissers are a very hardy fish; I've lost fish to disease and during water changes in the past, but never lost a kisser this way. In fact, I've never had a kisser die, and like I said, my father's only died at the age of 18. He currently has 2 new ones that he has kept for about 10 years. These fish also get along well with my other fish (which include tinfoil barbs, tetras, bala sharks and redtail sharks). The redtail shark actually 'cleans' the side of the kissers from time to time, and they don't seem to mind. That's something I've never observed with other fish. All in all, a very pleasant and intelligent pet that I plan to always have around as long as I live.

Contributed by Ben Veenhof

I have had a pink kissing gourami for about 2 years now in my 200 L tank. I used to have two, but one recently died - still a mystery. When I first got them, they would fight every once in a while, but got used to the idea that they had to share and eventually quit fighting. I also have 3 of the three-spot gouramis, and they all live happily toghether with Spazz, my 25 cm pleco. My pink kisser grew to approx 10 cm and then quit. I originally bought the two pink kissers with the intention that they and the pleco would be the only ones, but since neither of them grew bigger than 10 cm, I added the 3 three-spots for variety. Gourami's are comical fish, and LOVE to eat! All 4 of mine like to suck in the flakes and it makes this popping sound on the water surface. They will follow you from one end of the tank to another just to see what you are doing.

Contributed by Marie Talk

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