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Satanoperca jurupari
Jurupari Earth Eater

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jurupari1.jpg (24kb)
Photo Credit: Dean Hougen

Name: Satanoperca jurupari
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: South America
20 cm 200 L 6.8 25C


These fish are adaptable. They seem as they will thrive in any tank with a pH under 8.2. They are great for about any tank, because of their size they can handle being kept with more aggressive smaller cichlids. They would be another good comment for an eartheater tank. They prefer foods like earth worms and beefheart, but will eat a good meaty pellet mix. Although these fish get one foot plus they are very slow growers. It takes about 3-4 years to get a full size one. They go by many names, but you will know one when you see one. They come from just about anywere in the amazon basin, even slightly brackish water at times.

Contributed by Mr Discus

I grew fascinated with this fish after seeing it on this web page. I went out and bought me one and I have to say it's a pretty submissive fish. It doesn't seem to be bothered by the more aggressive green terror I have. It holds its own ground. Another thing I might add is that in just 5 days of owning one it has set most of the rocks to one side of the aquarium. I highly recommend this fish to anyone who likes activity in there tank.

Contributed by James Alvarez

I got my Earth Eater when he was only 4 cm and in 1 year he grew 10 cm. He is in a 200 liter and lives with a Cory (the others are dead for unknown reasons), 2 Otos (same as Corys) and three Angelfish. He ignores the Catfish and chases the Angels out of his place. The Angelfish are not hurt and are not in shock (I know this because they breed). He cleans the sand/gravel and does not uproot the "good" plants but he may stop them from spreading (he uprooted the hygro GOOD!). My only concern is that it is hard to find sinking pellets for him. All in all they seem smart, active, greedy (as long as they can get the food), and fascinating.

Contributed by (no name given)

An amazing fish! I got one after watching a group of hatchlings at my local pet store. He is so interesting to watch and he is very peaceful, even with his small tank-mates. I strongly recommend to anyone who has a larger tank and wants a peaceful, beautiful, and interesting cichlid!

Contributed by J. Kramer

I have 2 Rock Eaters right now, about 13 - 15 cm. I first got them as tankmates for my Blood Parrots, as the local aquarium store said they were good for this. At first everything was fine, but after about a month the two species were at each others throats, so I separated them and everyone is fine now. Rock Eaters are one of the coolest fish I have ever owned, they recognize me and will accept food from my hand. All in all an excellent fish to own.

Contributed by Donny Wall

These fish are very nice to have in your tank and add beautiful color! They get along with almost every other fish and help out with filtering by eating leftovers. I definitely recommend them to anybody that wants an active and delightful addition to your tank.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have 6 Jurupari in a 2.4 meter aquarium with other eartheaters, namely steindachneri and a group of surinamensis. They prefer a sandy substrate, where they will sift the sand in their never-ending search for food, but this is OK as they tend to deposit the sand back in the same place. They are not fussy feeders, and will readily accept all types of aquarium foods, but prefer frozen bloodworm or chopped live worms. They are slow growers and eventually reach a substantial size of around 25 cm, so this should be kept in mind when deciding on the aquarium (and tankmates) they will be kept in. They are sociable fish and prefer to be kept in groups of at least 6 individuals. They are also quiet and peaceful, more aggressive tankmates should be avoided. They are fairly tolerant of water conditions, but prefer warm (28C) soft and slightly acid water. Frequent water changes are a must. They are an active, beautiful fish and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any aquarium hobbyist, so long as their basic needs are met.

Contributed by Paul Sammut

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