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Melanochromis joanjohnsonae
'Pearl of Likoma'

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joan2.jpg (17kb)
Photo Credit: Kevin Bauman

Name: Melanochromis joanjohnsonae
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Lake Malawi (Africa)
10 cm 100 L 8.1 27C


This is an interesting fish in that although it is classified in the Melanchromis genus, it is sort of an intermediate species with Labidochromis traits...namely dentation. Its very unusual coloration makes a welcome addition to any mbuna tank. Care and keeping is the same for most mbuna and I have housed them with malawians, victorians, and presently are being used as dithers for a colony of frontosa. Very easy to keep providing proper clean water paramenters are followed.

Contributed by Greg Steeves

These fish hybridize easily, so be careful. I bought a female of this fish. She mated with a Socolofi and created the most beautiful hybrid I have ever seen. I'm not saying try it, but if it happens you won't be upset.

Contributed by Daniel

This fish is great and one of my favorites. On purchase I thought this fish was a Labidochromis, but it turned out to be a Melanochromis which explains the aggression. It's color is really eye catching and it's traits are fun to watch. This is a pretty tough mbuna so I would recommend to keep it with Aficans of same size and strength. Mine's not an adult yet, but has done well in my fairly overstocked 200 L and I'm looking foward to seeing him grow.

Contributed by Philip Basilly

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