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Julidochromis marlieri
Marlierīs Julie

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jmarlieri1.jpg (15kb)
Photo Credit: Dimitris Theoharis

Name: Julidochromis marlieri
Origin: Lake Tanganyika (Africa)

Size Tank pH Temp
13 cm 100 L 8.2 28°C


I have one of these in a 200 L tank that houses only Malawi Mbuna, (johannis and yellow labidochromis) besides the marlieri. He does well, although he is quite aggressive towards my sub-dominant johannis. He spends much more time in small spaces between the rocks than any of the Mbuna, so I think that has allowed him to have his own little "niche" in the pecking order. Although aggressive, his attacks never result in any real injury, and once a new fish has been in the tank for about a week, he seems to lose interest in them. All in all a pretty cool fish.

Contributed by Richard Steixner

These guys are great little fish staying very small. They have quite the attitude and flare up at anything that should cross their path to their disliking. I have 7 in a 110 L tank with lots of nooks and cranies and they get along well as soon as they figure out where they can tread. It is rather intresting when introducing new ones for they have no clue who owns what and they dog it out with everyone for a couple days over space, but they do eventually settle.

Contributed by Robert Ragush

I have a set of five little Julidochromis marlieri's in my 130 L Tanganyika tank, along with six Lamprologus Leleupi's. These wonderful fish have some of the most interesting characteristics that I have seen in the Cichlid family. They swim sideways, hang upside down a stare at me when I walk by the tank. They move up and down through the rocks like little hummingbirds. They have a beautiful iridescent blue lining that seems to glow. I keep the temp at 26°C and the pH at 8.2. I feed them a diet of frozen spirulina cubes, Omega one Cichlid flake, frozen brine shrimp, and occasionally a spinach leaf. I find these fish to be peaceful tank mates along with the Leleupi's. I recommend them a must for any Tanganyika enthusiast.

Contributed by Warren Goldstein

Found along the rocky shores of Lake Tanganyika at depths of 35 meters. Males get up to 15 cm. Females slightly less. Plays well with others but doesn't care much for the closely related J. regani.

Contributed by Matt

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