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Hemichromis bimaculatus
Jewel Cichlid

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Photo Credit: Panos

Jewel Cichlids are great beginner fish. They are quite agressive, mainly while breeding and are able to even eat a neon tetra whole at even the earliest of ages. It is recommended to feed them live food every once in a while for proper nutrition. They will grow quite larger. They are also quite easy to breed. When sexually mature, the couple is very red. For perfect breeding conditions, make the water slightly acidic, and keep the temperature at about 27-29C. The male and female will be very territorial in one area so you will know where they will breed. About 2-3 weeks later the site for the eggs is cleared and the fish will lay their eggs. About 3-4 days later, sometimes earlier, the female incubates the eggs in her mouth. DO NOT BE ALARMED. You may think she is eating them, but it is not necessarily ture. She will incubate the eggs for a while and let out the fry free swimming a few days later. Both parents will be both very good a parenting and will extremely rarely ever eat the fry. These fish are burrowers so plants that are not secure are not advised. They like to hide, so give them plenty of good hiding spots. Colours range from red to gray, some even pale yellow (or olive). Keep in species tank with other cichlids. You can keep them in normal hard waters for all africans. A great fish to keep.

Contributed by Moe

These fishes are like bulldogs. Very aggressive and territorial. They eat almost anything. I give them bloodworms, shrimp, flakes, fresh meat and even bread.

Contributed by Vladimir Babak

On a whim, I decided to buy two of these beautiful fish. Unfortunately, they ended up killing two of my firemouths and beating up a third that he didn't come out of his hiding spot for 6 months. Finally, a friend asked me to take his Rainbows in exchange for my Jewels.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have kept the Jewel Cichlid species for close to 8 years. Although highly agressive, they do well in a species tank and pairs form from the same group. However, keep in mind they are easy to breed and you will soon have more babies then you know what to do with. They are their beautiful color red during their breeding time. Many pet stores change their name to Green jewel, Blue jewel, and Red jewels. However, they are basically the same fish.

Contributed by Tadd DePaola

I've kept jewels before and they are egg-depositors, laying their eggs on rocks. They're really beautiful. The male has a redder throat than the female.

Contributed by Yeo Hwa Leng

Jewel Cichlids are some of the most beautiful cichlids. They undergo a major body change when it's time for breeding, their sides turn an intense red and they are covered with gleaming blue dots. They're cool and interesting.

Contributed by Joe

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