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Hemichromis bimaculatus
Jewel Cichlid

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Photo Credit: Ronen

A colleague of my wifes was leaving and, knowing about my hobby, he offered her the Jewel Cichlid that he kept in his office. Skeptical, I told her to go ahead and bring it home, and boy was I suprised. This is a really beautiful fish. It is afraid of nothing, very active and curious, and comes and nibbles at my hands when they're in his water. I like it so much that I went out and got another one. Very similar personality. I read of possible compatability problems, but a week later, my two are inseperable. They go everywhere together. It is very hard to discern the sex of these fish, but if they do pair off, apparently they make awesome parents. Eggs are layed on a well cleaned flat rock and then transferred to a gravel pit. From the research that I did, I have learned that this is a very hardy species, that can tolerate a wide range of water parameters. They are an African cichlid but are not from the rift lakes, they're from a river system instead. Mine are going to have a go at living in moderately hard water with several of their African cousins. Omnivorous, they will accept meaty or plant based foods. Mine have gone nuts over everything I have offered so far, which consists of tropical flakes, Hikari cichlid pellets, brine shrimp, and blood worms.

Contributed by Tom Lay

I have a pair of Jewel Cichlids and they must be the calmest fish I have ever seen. During mating the male and female become bright pink with metallic blue spots all over. They are great parents and protect their fry well.

Contributed by Brian Williams

A very easy cichlid to breed along with the convict. Great for someone new to cichlids that want to breed something.

Contributed by Levi Kirk

I have one of these little jewels in my tank. They are fast growers and are a little aggressive towards other smaller fish. They love bottom feeder tablets, and seem to have a playful nature.

Contributed by Mark Hamilton

Jewels are a very easy fish to look after, they just about eat anything and they breed lilke rabbits. Just put a male and female in a tank with a flat rock and stand put and watch.

Contributed by Norm Wheeler

I got 2 jewels and I put them with my other african cichlids and they killed every fish in the tank. I don't say that they are cool because they are agressive, they are cool because of the way they act. They are little tough fish and they have awesome colors. They are very interesting fish!

Contributed by Joey

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